Money Is Just An Idea

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We are writing about women and money in August. This week we have a guest post from a true money professional – Terhi Majasalmi, an experienced entrepreneur, professional investor and Women’s Wealth Coach. 

Did you know that reaching a healthy financial situation has much more to do with your mental health and mindset than some complicated investment techniques? The ideas you have had up to this point in your life have generated the money you have right now in your pocket.

If you want to change your life and your financial position for the better, you have to get better ideas. To make your financial future more abundant, you should produce lots of new, better ideas.

Our thoughts and beliefs have an impact on what we do or what we think we are capable of doing.

So if we hold a belief that we can’t ever be in a good financial position and live a wealthy life, we don’t even try to do things that will lead to an improved financial situation. For example we don’t save, we buy things we don’t need and we are reckless with our money.

The unconscious mind works for us in good and in bad. So even if you think saving money is a smart thing to do, but you don’t fully believe that the habit really benefits you, you are not going to do it. Everything we do involves 80% psychology and only 20% strategy!

The key is to get stronger mental health. We should develop a stronger belief system and get rid off the bad, hindering patterns in our mind.

The better your mental health is, the more you produce ideas to make your financial future flourish. The quality comes from the amount of ideas. The more ideas you generate, the better ideas you get.

My favourite practise is to write 20 answers to a specific question, for example: “How can I get 5000 thousand euros in my account by 31.12.2014?”

At first it can feel hard to come up with so many answers, but you just have to keep hammering! The reward can be huge. The twentieth answer could be the breakthrough. Usually I take one week and write every morning twenty answers to that one same question. It’s a total of 100 hundred ideas!

Why not give it a go this week. How much money would you like to have on your bank account? And remember, money is just an idea.

Great week to all,


I hope to see you all in Wealthy Woman Workshop on the 4th of September.  After the workshop I promise that you’ll have many new, great ideas to make your financial future flourish!



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Sunday, August 10th, 2014

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