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“It’s not finished yet.” How often have you told yourself that you can’t do something just yet because it’s just the first version you are working on or that there’s still so much more information you can add to this one?

We women tend to wait with our ideas and projects, always looking to make our creations just that little bit better. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with being ambitious with your delivery but there’s a problem if that prevents you from taking action.

I’ve learned that if I look at each step as an enabler for the next I can move forward without fear of screwing things up. I don’t have to wait for the day when I have gathered absolutely all the information and polished off all the details. I put this principle into practise daily.

Success is about all about creating a sequence, not getting one single act right.

We talk to companies all the time as we are trying to persuade them that they need the DrivenWoman program to support women across their organisation. Yesterday one HR manager wanted to know more about our program and requested information we don’t have right now but may be able to get in couple of weeks. I scraped together what I was able to put together RIGHT NOW that hopefully answers her questions but isn’t perfect.

I know I can do better, later on. Yet, I wanted to proceed now. I don’t view this person as my ‘only chance to get a deal’. I view selling to her as part of a sequence of events and proposals to get our offer out to the world.

A DrivenWoman member recently emailed me with an idea she had for an online event. She wanted to check with me if she should go ahead as she told me she didn’t know what she was doing. She listed all the faults and problems and why she was unsure. I told her that her event should go ahead. It wasn’t about creating the best ever show, it was about practising and creating the first link in a chain of events. By starting now she would ensure that she will be prepared when the time comes. One day she needs to be ready and unless she starts practicing now she’ll miss her golden opportunity.

What ever you have in your heart, what ever it is you are thinking of doing; be it your first blog post, proposing an idea in the next company meeting, starting a business, creating an art project or anything where you have to show up and share your brilliance, you must get started NOW.

– Miisa Mink

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Friday, February 12th, 2021

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