Do You Trust The Timing Of Your Life

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Do you trust the timing of your life? It’s the Cliche that “everything happens for a reason”, right. Is that the truth or just another explanation for us to making sense of life?

I can honestly say at this stage of my life I finally trust the timing of my life. I’ve probably had traits of this trust since an early age. I can recall always being into self-help books and a great fan of Oprah Winfrey and Maya Angelo. But now with all my life experiences, both good and bad, and I have a better understanding of myself and what life has to give and with this I feel at ease with my choices and excited about what I can achieve.

Now, trusting life doesn’t mean I am going to wait around for someone to give me a bag of gold and a big pat on the back and say “here you are and away you go”. Although at times it would be tempting to dream, and I will not dismiss it from the universe… Oh, yes please dear universe, you can bring me a bag of gold anytime you want :). Trusting your life is about becoming one with yourself and with the World and your inner thoughts. It sounds submissive but it is not.

Who wants to go through life hating everything and having a wrestling match with every problem that arises?

That would create so much negativity in your life you would become worn out and completely miserable. Trusting the timing in life is about a belief, planning and not to being afraid of becoming creative when required, and knowing that there is a time and place for everything and you are working towards it.

Please don’t think I do not get my moments of panic – I do – but they do not last for long. That’s why I love the diagram we use in Drivenwoman that explains our life circle in four stages. We will always visit the confusion and fear stage but how long we stay there will depend on our trust and understanding of why we are there. If we are ready to work on our weaknesses rather than create alibis to cover them, we move out of fear and confusion pretty quickly.

Where I am now I want to be fully aware – and grateful of – as I believe everything that I have experienced so far has lead me to this point.

And rather than covering my weaknesses with excuses, I want to work on them, because I know it’s the time.

I realise now that paying  attention to detail is one of my major down falls. I’ve always been quick to  dismiss situations which need a little more focus or dedication and happily  passed it on to the next person. Recently I seem to have gathered more individuals in my life that are so meticulous and on point with proven success that I think it is time for me to take note. Especially if I want to move forward.

This is what I call trusting the timing of your life, staying present. And accepting the work that has to be done next.

We can choose to control our minds and think positive or negative thoughts. Whenever we think a positive thought we will feel good and life becomes full of energy. When you trust in life and stop resisting then you will notice opportunities around you. This is what has happened to me recently. I stopped resisting the things I need to learn.

I don’t want to sound like a guru (god..) but I do trust life as I need to be in this positive state of mind to function. How else can you? Feeling fear and doubting everything that comes in front of you? No.

Negative thinking is simply a habit. It’s true that the mind becomes inclined towards fearful thinking because it’s inherently a “survival”machine. But everyday we have the choice to align ourselves with the fear part of the mind or the positive part. When you are not aware it’s easy normal to get pulled in by the negativity.

Trusting the timing of life and your ability to fulfil your own potential means you can look through the maze with excitement and positivity, and your eyes wide open not scared of the outcome. And at that point you may need support in articulating what you want to achieve and gain direction and focus for your journey ahead. (A DrivenWoman LifeWorking™ Workshop is a great way to get this).

I’ve finally learned to allow myself to trust my timing and understand that when I stop resisting I cause a continuous movement to a far better quality of life. One little step at a time, always improving. And I deserve it.

~ Jennifer

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Saturday, May 22nd, 2021

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