DrivenWoman groups are run by independent Group Leaders. All our Group Leaders have a coaching certification. Group Leaders facilitate DrivenWoman programs for companies.

Are you an exceptional woman who wants to empower others to succeed, whilst chanelling vulnerability and creating a safe space?

We’re looking for women like you

  • You’re a natural ‘doer’ with a positive attitude, you strive for success and happiness in your life and now you’re ready to share your experiences and want to help other women.
  • You have a desire to find your own truth and become the best version of yourself and you’re motivated by the values of DrivenWoman: proactivity, honesty and diversity.
  • You are interested in people and personal growth.
  • You want to make the world a better place.

Thousands of women have successfully transformed their lives using the collective energy of the Lifeworking groups. These transformations include radical career success and learning to live a more balanced life. Women from different backgrounds and professions use Lifeworking to achieve a positive life change and live a bigger life.