DrivenWoman members get together monthly at Lifeworking™ groups to check-in on their progress towards their goals and to help each other to a more exciting and successful life.


Proactivity is in the heart of DrivenWoman. We created the groups not just for inspiration and networking, but to facilitate tangible positive change and measurable progress. Each participant sets her own goals and defines her measure of success. Writing down your goals regularly and feeling accountable to the other women in your group makes stepping outside your comfort zone easier. And it’s the only way to build confidence!

The Lifeworking™ groups are lead by certified Group Leaders. Group Leaders are there to inspire and facilitate but everyone finds their own answers with the help of each other. You become both a mentor and a mentee at each meeting.

Each meeting also includes a group exercise designed to provoke questions in oneself to increase self awareness so that each individual can find the answers that best serve them and put these ‘aha’ moments into action straight away. We have created a vast library of Lifeworking™ -exercises based upon principles, tools and techniques from a range of research and disciplines including personal development, wellness, productivity and spirituality.

The groups are limited to 15 women to allow all members to share their progress. Every month each member refines her goals and sets new actionable steps and priorities for the coming month. Writing down your goals and sharing them with others makes you accountable and much more likely to actually achieve them.


DrivenWoman has helped thousands of women to define what success means for them and break a pattern of needing to ask for a permission to succeed. We want to inspire everyone to believing in great outcomes, this is why we share inspirational stories of DrivenWoman members who have created a ‘bigger life’.

Learn more how Lifeworking has helped these inspiring women find success in their own terms, HERE.