At DrivenWoman we help ambitious women reach their goals and dreams, fast.

Our LifeWorking™ framework helps women define their own success, create positive habits and put plans into action, one small step at a time.

“It’s like weight watchers for the soul!”


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We don’t wait for the world to change, we change our own world.

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We believe every dream is created equal.

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We are Doers, taking one step in the wrong direction is better than taking no steps at all.

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We accept openness and honesty and embrace vulnerability knowing we are in a safe space.

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We take small steps to big goals.


It’s OK to want a bigger life!

In 2013 DrivenWoman founder Miisa Mink saw that there was a need for a new kind of network for women that would not only inspire but would become a real movement of proactivity for women. 

The idea was to celebrate every woman who wants to chase her dreams, regardless of her circumstances. Real success means more than career advancement or a big paycheck. The idea was to create a club where women could explore their true potential with the support of others and create their own kind of life success.

The first DrivenWoman meeting happened in Soho, Central London on 8th May 2013.

We saw many women keeping their ideas hidden, not daring to share their brilliance with the world, and we wanted to change that. We saw that women had been staying on the sidelines for fear of not meeting the standards and expectations of society. We realised that many women were comparing themselves with these external norms rather than deciding what kind of success was worth chasing.”  

Miisa Mink

DrivenWoman founder and chief-doer

The world desperately needs the brilliant ideas women carry inside their hearts. But life change is difficult because it’s hard to stick to plans on your own.  

DrivenWoman and our LifeWorking™ framework was created to help women who are held back by procrastination, overwhelm and self-doubt.

Most networks and events leave you inspired but without an action plan or accountability 

to make it happen.  A #BiggerLife is about designing a life where you define your own kind of success and break it down into small steps to put into action right away.

You’ll be offered a variety of action -driven exercises and will be held accountable when it comes to completing them.”  FORBES



Since our first meeting in London, we’ve run events and member groups in 11 countries and over 40 cities around the world.

Over 10,000 women have completed our popular bigger life planning tools in the LifeWorking™ webinar, and thousands have joined our global online community.

Our Academy library has over 50 hours of simple actionable Lifeworking exercises.


10+ countries 40+ cities

We’ve run our events all around the world

10,000+ women

Have used the Lifeworking™ framework to design their bigger life

34+ modules

Of life changing Lifeworking™ content to help you take action on your goals

Accountability meetings with inspiring women and places that focus on making passion productive.”  HUFFPOST


In 2017 we launched the Festival Of Doers, our flagship event in London with tremendous success.  Regarded by the press as the ‘go to’ event for women who are ready to smash the status quo and make things happen. Festival Of Doers ran in London and Zurich and was featured in the international press each year until the pandemic.


We have witnessed transformations with women of all backgrounds, from women starting their first businesses to mid-career women making it to board positions. DrivenWoman has been the support (and the kick in the back-side) for women launching their first book to creating their online course. Our community is not defined by their past but by their future – ambitious women wanting to live their bigger life!

We believe personal success should be available to all women and so in January 2019 we launched our online LifeWorking™ membership programme, opening up the framework to women around the world.

As part of this development we handpicked top female experts and coaches to bring their wisdom to our online membership, with monthly live video calls and hot seat coaching.

Mandy Lehto

Mandy is an in-demand executive coach, corporate trainer and writer with a doctorate from Cambridge University. A former Director at a global investment bank, Mandy empowers women to find the confidence to go after their dream.

Carin Rockind

Speaker, author, coach and positive psychology expert. Carin is a regular contributor to the US media, and has appeared on NBC, CBS, PBS, NPR & the Huffington Post. Discovering your purpose and living a life of fulfilment is close to Carin’s heart.

Hazel Gale

Author, speaker, cognitive hypnotherapist and ex-world champion in full-contact kick-boxing. Hazel is an established and qualified expert helping people to imagine a life without limitations.

Jess Ratcliffe

Jess is the founder of Unleash Your Extraordinary and works with companies such as Salesforce, Virgin and Captify helping their up-and-coming leaders to become the best they can be.


DrivenWoman is not just about reaching your goals, but about learning to live a life that feels fulfilling and meaningful on a daily basis. It’s about looking at your life holistically and with the support of others, then you start to believe in yourself and your ability to create that bigger life; which perhaps felt impossible before.

Our founding team welcomes you to join the DrivenWoman journey

Miisa Mink, founder and chief-doer

miisa mink

Miisa is an award winning women’s empowerment activist. She’s the creator of the Lifeworking™ framework. Prior to her entrepreneurial career Miisa was known as a highly accomplished branding professional. Miisa lives in South East London with her husband and two sons. She believes we can live fully only by stepping outside our comfort zone. 

Leonie Troxler, head of corporate

leonie troxler

Leonie is the Head Of Corporate Sales at DrivenWoman. She’s in charge of training our Group Leaders and keeping this fast growing ‘doer’ community well organised. Prior to DrivenWoman, Leonie worked with legal, regulatory and compliance at hedge funds. She lives just outside Zurich with her husband and daughter.

Fiona Flintham, head of marketing

fiona flintham

Fiona is our Head of Marketing & Communications and in charge of the online Academy and global marketing. Prior to working with DrivenWoman, Fiona spent over 15 years heading online marketing strategies for high-profile global media businesses. Fiona lives near Zurich with her husband and two sons.

Do you have dreams or goals you’d like to reach? Are you looking to live a bigger life? It’s time to make things happen!