When women are unsure we hold ourselves back. You can only build confidence by taking action.

Holistic solutions to organizational problems arise from inner transformation on an individual level. We are all expected to change our behaviour and mindsets but personal change is hard. Transformation doesn’t emerge from a text book or an inspiring workshop but from putting new ideas into action.

When women doubt themselves we become invisible.

We don’t speak up in fear of judgement. We don’t share our innovative ideas in meetings. When we struggle we don’t talk about it, instead we draw our own conclusions, stay silent or resign.

“It’s like weight watchers for the soul!”

of professional women are planning a major career change

confidence plummets for women who have had more than two years in a job

of women lack confidence to ask for senior positions at work

of working moms say they are struggling


LifeWorking™ is a research based methodology that helps women overcome self-doubt and make their aspirations a reality. By regularly writing down their goals, sharing them with other like-minded women and being held accountable to small everyday steps insecurity is soon turned into clarity and confidence.


Mechanisms responsible for this change include:

  • the influence of goal-focused activity
    mastery in emotional agility
  • the sense of trust and psychological safety
  • sharing of stories and experiences leading to
  • development of identify and social cohesion

*Source: research undertaken for a dissertation for MSc Applied Positive Psychology at Bucks New University, UK.

“You’ll be offered a variety of action -driven exercises and will be held accountable when it comes to completing them.”  FORBES

LifeWorking™ is like a gym for your mindset, you need to keep showing up regularly to get the results. It’s there to provide the tools and support for lasting transformation. It’s a framework delivering results across organisational levels, seniority, race and background. You can also lay it over another diversity and inclusion lens for faster results.


Women have lost themselves to the demands of others, either at work or at home. Feminine values have not been traditionally appreciated in the workplace. Women have internalised this as a lack of confidence. Women need an opportunity to reconnect with who they are.

In a world built on masculine values women feel that they don’t belong. “Imagine that you live with a constant fear of being judged – the natural reaction is to keep a low profile and to not try to make yourself too noticeable.”

The opposite of self-doubt is when people feel that they ‘belong’ and are surrounded by people who respect and appreciate them for who they are. DrivenWoman provides a framework for personal discovery and an opportunity to re-evaluate their career and life choices in a non-judgemental environment. This creates a feeling of acceptance and belonging.

DrivenWoman programs will help participants to:

drivenwoman values 1


Circumstances are seldom ideal but we can all change our own world. Participants will learn self-leadership and how to take control of their careers and lives.

drivenwoman values 2


We believe every dream is created equal. Sharing goals and obstacles help participants be less hard on themselves and learn to support the journeys of others.

drivenwoman values 4


Women are often held back fearing they make a mistake or fail. Participants will learn to make progress by taking small steps and learning as they go.

drivenwoman values 3


When we spend time trying to appear perfect we make no progress. Participants can embrace vulnerability knowing they are in a safe, non-judgemental space.

drivenwoman values 5


Rather than waiting for opportunities to come our way, there’s a lot we can do to proactively take our careers forward. Participants are encouraged to take the driver’s seat in their lives and careers.

“I have met many women who don’t daring to share their brilliance with the world. At DrivenWoman we wanted to change that. Women have been staying on the sidelines for too long. We realised that many women are comparing themselves with external norms rather than focusing their energy with what they want to do and achieve.”  

Miisa Mink

DrivenWoman founder and chief-doer

“Accountability meetings with inspiring women and places that focus on making passion productive.”  HUFFPOST


Miisa Mink, founder and chief-doer

Miisa Mink is an award winning women’s empowerment activist and DrivenWoman’s founder and chief-doer. She’s the creator of the Lifeworking™ methodology.

In 2013 Miisa saw that there was a need for a new kind of network for women that would not only inspire but would become a real movement of proactivity for women. The idea was to celebrate every woman who wants to chase her dreams and provide a framework for lasting personal change. Miisa believes that for women success encomapsses all aspects of life incorporating wellbeing at home and at work. DrivenWoman supports women holistically and helps them manage their lives, not just careers.

The first DrivenWoman meeting happened in Soho, Central London on 8th May 2013, and thousands of meetings have been held since.

Prior to founding DrivenWoman Miisa built a design agency network for a global advertising agency network and was involved with many start-ups in the UK. Miisa lives in South East London with her husband and two sons. She believes we can live fully only by stepping outside our comfort zone.

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leonie troxler

Leonie Troxler, co-founder and head of sales

Leonie is the Head Of Corporate Sales at DrivenWoman. She’s in charge of training our Group Leaders and keeping this fast growing ‘doer’ community well organised. Prior to DrivenWoman, Leonie worked with legal, regulatory and compliance at hedge funds. She lives just outside Zurich with her husband and daughter.

Anna Varney

A former Finance Director, with a background navigating fast-paced and highly demanding corporate landscape. Anna understands the challenges women face striving to fulfil their professional and personal ambitions.

anne-marie sanchez

Anne-Marie Sanchez

A Sales Consultant for France. She is also the Account Manager for L’Oreal Paris and Ubisoft in France.

liliana dias

Liliana Dias

Based in Lisbon, Liliana is the DrivenWoman’s Sales Consultant in Portugal.

Shweta Deshmukh

Shweta Deshmukh

A community manager and Diversity & Inclusion evangelist, Shweta is our Sales Consultant in India.

Mojca Henigman

A certified NLP Master coach helping women move beyond their comfort zone, master their mindset and build self-belief. Mojca is a DrivenWoman Group Leader for corporates in London.

Jenny McConnell

A sought-after Executive Coach, she holds a Master’s Degree in Gender, Society and Culture and is educated to Postgraduate level in Business and Executive Coaching. Jenny is a DrivenWoman Group Leader for corporates in the UK.

Katie Adams

She holds a diploma in transformational coaching. She has spent her career supporting senior managers, teams, and organisations to transform how they organise and deliver. She is a Group Leader based in Scotland.