We are driven. 11 things to know about us.

#1 We are creating a community we love.

DrivenWoman is a new kind of ecosystem. We expect everyone who joins to take responsibility for co-creating a community we all love and want to be part of. 

#2 We change our own world.

We accept that circumstances aren’t always ideal for women, but rather than crying over spilled milk, we focus our energy making the small changes within our power to make a change.

#3 We blossom with a help of others.

We believe we are all connected and find more similarities than differences in one another. Appreciation starts from a belief that everyone has something unique to bring to the table. We appreciate our own talents and don’t shy away from sharing them with the world. We reach out for help and know that asking is not a sign of weakness, but a strength. We support each other unconditionally and believe that when we learn to flourish our sisters will flourish with us.

#4 This is a place for joy and trust.

We follow our joy and get excited about life’s opportunities. We find our creative moments when we are playing and having fun. Every day we are learning to take ourselves less seriously. We believe trust bonds people together and makes us all strong.

#5 We take small steps to big goals.

We are building a new operating system for the world that is based on kindness and respect. That’s not a small task. We believe we will get there because we are committed to showing up and applying our excellence to our work every day.

#6 We obsess about making a positive impact.

DrivenWoman comes with a massive ambition for social change. When women become aware of their own ideas and dreams, and find the courage to make those dreams a reality, the whole world will change for the better. We aim to be at the forefront in facilitating this paradigm shift on a global scale.

#7 We dare to be different, transparent and truthful.

Our culture of honesty, openness and vulnerability is not for everyone and that’s ok. We are strong on compassion and believe every dream was created equal. We don’t wear masks; try to impress you with our long resume. We may not always appear polished but that doesn’t stop us from creating a bigger life and making a massive success of ourselves.

#8 We believe in creating abundance for everyone.

We want to keep our program accessible to as many women as possible. Our method is based on commitment. Our mission is to make personal success available for women across organisational levels, race and background. We want you to be positively influenced by DrivenWoman – emotionally, spiritually, physically and financially.

#9 We are comfortable with the uncomfortable.

All growth happens outside of our comfort zone. We are ready to take risks and explore new opportunities. We are ready to make choices based on our own values. Sometimes this means we are not pleasing everyone or perform to expectations. Change only happens when we are ready to break the rules!

#10 We are fiercely proactive.

The only way to create change is to do something about the things that are not working. We apply this to everything we do. We see growth opportunities where others see obstacles and always look for solutions to make things happen. Talk is cheap at DrivenWoman, we are not what we say, but what we do.

#11 We believe in our purpose and create our own world.

When you define your our own success it becomes deeply personal. We have chosen our own path and are on this journey because it is our purpose to change the world. Women who get involved with DrivenWoman don’t need to be motivated to do so, they join because our message resonates deeply with them.