Group Rules

  1. Members should always respect other Members’ aspirations and goals. Members are expected to be open-minded during Group meetings and should listen to each other and respect each other’s opinions.
  2. Members should treat other Members with kindness and humility.
  3. Members should not judge other Members based on their background or previous successes or failures.
  4.  Members are encouraged to share their progress in the Group meetings, this includes sharing information about their business. This should be done with good taste and judgment. No spam is allowed in the Group meetings or on-line.
  5. Members are expected to commit to attending Group meetings. It is for their benefit and the benefit of other Members in your Group. It is expected that Members make all reasonable endeavours to attend each Group session.
  6. Groups are designed to support Members and to help Members achieve their goals. Members should attend Groups with this in mind.
  7. Members should adhere to the provisions relating to confidentiality inin T&C. In summary, what happens at DrivenWoman stays at DrivenWoman.
  8. Members should try to play an active role in Groups and are expected to contribute. Members should not be afraid to offer opinions or ask questions.
  9. Members should respect the Group Leader at their Group meetings and should comply with any request from the Group Leader at all times.
  10. Failure to adhere to the above standards may result in your Membership being terminated.