Monday Morning Motivation Boost: Respect yourself

I was flicking through a book I had for years as I am a great fan of Ivanla Vanzan.  The book is call ‘Acts of faith’. It has sections for daily reading, and Nikki Giovanni has a slot which read:

“Deal with yourself as an individual worthy of respect and make everyone else deal with you the same way.” 

Then the page also explained that :-

Many of us live our life from day to day without a real sense of purpose. We know we want more out of life but we can’t seem to put our finger on exactly what it is.  We believe our fate is to live the life we have right now. Due to a lack of career, money or time we lack freedom to do what we want.

Actually what we may be longing for is a personal mission. When you have a mission you have a core passion that gives you vision. With the vision of your mission you move gracefully through your goals. When you have a mission you wholeheartedly embrace a task and you remain focused until the task is done. When you have a mission you feel valued, worthy and respectable. You manage to keep your head up and others notice you.

What is your mission? Is it teaching, painting, driving, running, singing, art, publishing, building a business, interaction with people, or something else? Perhaps its building a snowman, counting peas in a pod or keeping others on their mission.

Respect your life enough to pursue a meaningful mission.

Why do people deny themselves that mission that we know we all have in us? We talk about childhood and how we were inspired. We talk about the dreams we had when we were young. What happened? Who took away our dreams? What made us disrespect our own ideals?

Because someone told us so. Someone told us we were not worthy of those ideas. We were told we couldn’t do it. We ended up making other choices which were supposed to be good for us.

This week we decide we are going to go and dig deeper for those dreams. We will do one thing that reminds us who we were and who we want to become – once more.

Respect yourself enough to give yourself something to do that reminds you of your mission.

~ Jennifer

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Sunday, September 15th, 2013

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