I want it all, I want it now. (And why it’s not happening?)

Do you ever feel frustrated because the life you’d really want just doesn’t seem to be happening? Is the gap between your current situation and where you would like to be too big to bridge? Many women feel massively unmotivated by their own dreams because they just seem too unrealistic to pull off. And what happens is… well, nothing happens. The life keeps moving ahead in its usual everyday path and in 6 months time you will ask yourself the same question: why am I still here?

We talk to a lot of women who all want different things in life ranging from changing their career, to starting their own business, to becoming more comfortable in their own body. One of the biggest obstacles in their journey to the life they really want seems to be the reality gap between today’s situation and the dream life. It is often so huge that it paralyses them and freezes them to their tracks. The mind is going in circles providing different excuses why the dream life just isn’t happening, or even worse, why it shouldn’t ever happen. The ‘facts‘ will speak for themselves and the life can continue… as it always has. It is very difficult to break out of that mould especially without any support.

If you are stuck in that rut, try the following ideas (and please comment on the Comment box below with more!)

1) Ditch your goals

Goals can be scary. Some people are good with setting and reaching goals. If you are not one of them, then try something else. You don’t have to buy into the glossy magazine’s goal-reaching agenda! Life isn’t about reaching goals, it’s about doing things that move you towards a better situation and a more exciting life, every day.

2) Admit your reality

Being honest to yourself is sometimes difficult. It is devastating you are not as successful as you’d like to be. We want to paint a more glorious picture, not only to our friends and neighbours, but often even to ourselves. It is pretty impossible to start improving your life until you admit that there is a lot you need to work on. Sounds a bit like AA, but, hey, ‘honesty’ is what gets them results! (And will get you too.)

3) Do just one thing

One of the most helpful concepts for me has been the idea of doing just one thing per day. I think I got it originally from Time Ferris’ ‘4-hour work week‘ (this book is on our recommended reading list, and you should read it if you haven’t yet). Do one thing, do it well and get it finished. At the end of the day you’ll feel satisfied because you have accomplished and created something and you can move on to the next thing. Most people keep pushing fifteen things simultaneously and get nothing done. Multitasking sucks! (Don’t believe them if they tell you otherwise.)

4) Think long term

If your idea about your better life makes you feel stressed you should give yourself a break. Where does it say you should have everything now? You might like to have it al now, but perhaps you haven’t deserved it yet. So don’t beat yourself up for not doing everything and not reaching the finishing line just yet. For the big picture, think long term but if you don’t do one small thing that moves you to the right direction today, you will still be in the same spot in the tomorrow.

5) There is no magic bullet

This is our ultimate favourite (in everything we do at DrivenWoman)! No matter what magic pill you have been promised to get your business started/ loose weight/ be happy, there is only one way to get there – make an effort! We don’t believe in the ‘get fixed fast’ schemes and neither should you. The best way to move forward is to work to improve yourself, read lots and meet new inspiring people – daily. These three will work wonders towards any dream. Apply these (do, not just say you do) and you should be much closer to your dream sooner than you think!

~ Miisa

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Thursday, September 19th, 2013

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