Time And Space – Your New Best Friends

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Have you ever thought about honouring your cycles and choosing good timing for an easier and more productive life?  Getting our cues right is so beautiful, isn’t it? Especially at life’s crossroads we get a push to realign and simplify, and to connect with what really matters.

It’s healthy to form empathy with time, along with an understanding of how the cosmos and its cycles work (the word cosmos means ’order’.) They are there to be read as signs of guidance and natural calendar diaries, but are often overlooked to our detriment. I know when I ignore these things and have to remind myself to take a deep breath and allow myself to align with them again. And everything gets done with more pace and ease!

Our physical bodies are part of nature.

There are definite times in the day, a week, a month etc, personal to an individual or business, as well as generally, when the energies at our disposal are in flow and cooperation with new beginnings, events and personal growth. It often works magically!

Missing cues, like an unprepared actor in a play or in our life drama, can be tiring and costly but when we align with the inner pulse and the beautifully intelligent planetary cycles, we feel less isolated and alone. We connect! We are not meant to do it alone.

Each moment in time is unique. The meaningful coincidences, also called synchronicity, are immediately apparent in the timing of the planetary cycles and our inner world. There is a hidden order of reality which can often surprise us and, especially when we make a heart centred decision or change course, we can sense another Self (of ourselves) living or walking beside us.

We are doers but it’s the decisions we make, with the right timing, that creates us.

When we are connected and in our natural flow doors open and the timely information, advice or contacts appear! Growth surges inevitably occur when this happens.

“Whatever is born at a particular moment in time takes on the quality of that moment.” Carl Jung

Most of us know ‘time’ only in a form of linear time or clock time. The Greek name for time – Chronos (chronological) was their version of the Roman god Saturn – Father of Time and patience, the chronological or sequential time. We need this time to perform our practical tasks as part of this world, starting and completing tasks to our advantage.

Tap into spiritual time to reach your creativity.

There is another sort of time though. The Greeks called it Kairos which is seen as inner timing and wisdom. Kairos was likened to the heart centred gap between space and time wherein it’s the right moment for newness and time is indeterminate, allowing inner shifts and significant happenings to occur.

Be conscious of the importance of intervals and spaces. Try to trust the spaces between words, thoughts and movements. In our increasingly busy world, simplicity, stillness and pausing are necessary.

Consider this… that what appears to be terra firma – matter – is mainly empty – holes if you like. That’s what subatomic physics tells us. The nuclei of the atom, at the centre, is so small yet so very heavy, and the space around it and the electrons is comparatively huge. An atom with six electrons circling the nucleus can be compared to six wasps in Waterloo station with a fly in the middle. And nothing physical present.

If our atoms are build on emptiness – why are we so afraid to let quiet moments and silence into our every day lives?

In silence and pausing the inner and outer noise, we develop other senses. Time is not wasted if you are connected and present. Indeed it is enhanced and used more wisely afterwards.

When time seems to stand still and we get lost in a thought, magically inner time expands (whilst the outer clock time is still doing its thing). Soul time spreads out and wonderful things start to happen.

Being part of the third dimension allows us to affect time and our perception of it.

Using it, and its companion – space and stillness – is important in these uncertain times.

Creating the time and space to infuse love into what we do alters our perception of our three dimensional time and space existence and opens us to a bigger framework where the visible and invisible meets. In that place we feel the flow; by valuing ourselves and others in equal measure, and so we learn to value Time.

“The only thing you ever have is Now.” Eckhart Tolle

We can’t escape time so working with it, not against it, makes sense. And never less so than in these seemingly off kilter but exciting days. It has never been a better time to make friends with Time and Space and use them wisely and with love.

~ Ysanne Lewis: A DrivenWoman member, timing expert, astrologer and speaker.

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Sunday, August 1st, 2021

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