Invest Your Energy To Realise Your Dreams

The currency of the Universe is energy. I learned this through the teachings of two great men of science — a physicist and a medical doctor – whose study led them to contemplate how the physical and non-physical are linked: Albert Einstein and Deepak Chopra. Einstein proved in 1905 with E=MC2 that energy is neither created nor destroyed, it just changes form.

Chopra, decades ago, felt overwhelmed and unfulfilled one day walking home from work and, on a whim, ducked into a meditation centre. The detour changed his life. Since then he’s devoted his work to integrative medicine and personal transformation. His teachings espouse meditation as a channel to raise consciousness and realise fulfillment.

Einstein proved the physical aspects of energy. Chopra teaches the non-physical aspects of energy. Energy as a natural force is undeniable. It’s a resource we all have because it is within all of us. It is up to us to choose how to spend it for purpose, and I’m learning to use mine as currency.

“Currency” as money is defined as a medium of exchange, but, interestingly, the Latin origin, currere, means to flow. We also talk about electricity’s flow as a current.

Energy flows. “Go with the flow!”

While money is valued globally as currency, it’s often tied to fear; fear of lacking it, fear of another’s greed. Fear comes from the idea that there is not enough to go around and that somehow I will be left out.

Nature doesn’t work that way. It’s a system of abundance.

It doesn’t hoard. So let’s shift to thinking of our energy as a currency that won’t run out.

In the last few months I have learned about fear, hope, and creating abundance, which is more than the opposite of lack; it is about the spontaneous fulfillment of whatever you desire. My education has come through attending events by Alternatives, The College of Psychic Studies, and Deepak Chopra’s 21-day meditation (which I discovered through DrivenWoman) — and I’ve found myself in the company with lots of healers and energy workers in 2017. (The synchronicity of all this is uncanny, but that’s how the Universe works. Guess I was ready for it.)

I’ve learned

• Energy is everything; everything is energy.

• Our intentions — and the thoughts, words and actions that follow — are energy.

• We have a lot of choice.

• We have a lot of power to affect our experience and those of others.

• Everything is possible!

Choice and power sound like control, but our control is limited to our own energy.

We can’t control other peoples’ energy (or thoughts, words, actions, and choices), but we can affect it through our own energy. When the waiter brings you the wrong meal, what will happen with the energy when this moment is met with gentle humour versus a put-down? How does the choice of reaction hang in the air and affect the people involved and the witnesses?

Energy always has a ripple effect. This goes beyond the general notions of karma (“you get what you give”) and The Golden Rule (“treat others as you wish to be treated”). They are wise guidelines for cultivating kindness and moral living, but what if we could go one step beyond and be really specific about what we desire in order to attract it?

We can.

Chopra’s method goes like this.

1. Clarify your intention and clearly state it by writing it down. This activates your intention. (We do this once a month at the DrivenWoman member groups.)

2. Do your part by taking whatever steps possible to create momentum.

3. Let go. Trust that the Universe is assembling the details to manifest your intention.

It’s already working for me. One of my intentions is financial abundance. Upon starting this meditation practice, immediate unexpected funds and financial benefits started coming my way. From the tube worker who let me travel from Gatwick Airport to King’s Cross for free (worth £10) to the surprise pay-out of a small life insurance policy set up more than 80 years ago by a relative (worth more than a month’s rent).

An attitude of gratitude is essential to feel the flow.

And I am grateful. Much like a gardener prepares the soil, buries the seeds, nurtures the plants, and patiently watches them grow, we can cultivate our dreams by using our energy to focus on our intentions and greeting each moment (and interaction) openly, calmly and positively. Opportunities (that bring you closer to what you seek) will present.

All it takes is a mindful investment of your precious currency – energy. What ever you feel you are lacking is simply an error in how you use your energy and attention towards that area of life. Shift your attention, intention and your energy to create positive flow, and it will all come back to you.

Please share your tips and experiences in the Comments below.

~ Liza


Liza Horan is a DrivenWoman member, Group Leader and a digital strategy consultant. Follow her on Twitter @LizaHoran.

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Monday, August 28th, 2017

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