How to celebrate the end of 2020 – and be your best for what comes next

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Year 2020 has been dubbed the worst year in modern history. It’s definitely provided a chance to practise resilience and an ability to shape our approach to life in ways we didn’t think possible.

We all face challenges in life and it’s up to us how we choose to react to them. This might sound like a cliche but there’s a lot of truth in that. Nothing could have prepared us for the pandemic or other upheavals that have happened this year. But we have adapted and persevered. Each and every one of us can influence how we come out of this.

We are experiencing a big shift on the planet and change can be a blessing in disguise. Some of you have been dreading change, yet secretly hoping someone would shake you out of your comfort zone. Well, that’s definitely what this year had in store for all of us!

Many have lost their jobs or been furloughed, some have struggled to keep all the balls in the air working from home and having child care responsibilities. Entrepreneurs have seen their contracts pulled and clients fade away forcing them to find new ways to stay afloat. Those who have been postponing moving their businesses online have been thrown into the deep end and those who thought they could succeed without becoming visible have been challenged. The lockdown has asked us to look at the people we spend most of our time with and the truth about many relationships has come to light.

It’s the time to define your ‘bigger life’

The most notable result has been growth of perseverance and perspective. We have found the stamina to carry on, ditching perfection and focusing on the things that really matter the most. Many have been forced into facing their lives rather than carrying on being busy and feeling important. And for women this has meant that we are finally asking ourselves: “What does success actually mean for me? How do I want to live the rest of my life?”

Now that the year is closing, it’s time to reflect and appreciate the ups and downs of our experience. We are slowly learning to understand that in order to experience wholeness we have to accept life as a whole: its shadows and light. Running away from painful experiences doesn’t delete them, quite the opposite. We keep running around in circles until we accept that we have to start putting our learning into practice.

Learn to appreciate the journey rather than the end goal.

When we learn to celebrate the little successes along the way, we are able to connect to what really matters and find the joy in doing what we are doing. When you find your joy you can get excited about life’s opportunities – every single moment – no matter what the current circumstances are.

And when we learn to celebrate our setbacks that’s when we grow! You don’t get to the next level through fields of sunshine. It’s the storms of life that teach us the most. It’s when we hit a wall we start to think differently and find our true purpose. We stop faffing about and start connecting to who we really are.

This year has broken many things… companies, hearts, people. But it is from the brokenness that we can build anew. We need to deal with the setbacks and fully feel them before moving forward.  And then when the storm has passed we can remember that it’s time to create our future and open a new chapter. We can do this every moment of every day.

Finish the year on a high and create positive energy hit the ground running next year. It’s a celebration of how far you’ve come, no matter what the Universe has sent your way.  We can indeed celebrate when we are making the best effort and when we use our gifts in new ways and step outside our comfort zone.

It’s time to reflect and not feel bad about the things you did not achieve or the things that went’ ‘wrong’. From the Universe’s perspective there’s no such thing. It’s just our expectations that fools us to think there was a path we could have followed.

Things may not have worked out but you are still YOU. You carry the same brilliance and talent as you did at the beginning of the year. Now you are simply a few experiences richer!

Celebrate how you have raised your game this year.

What has been successful regardless of your initial goals?

  • What did you do well despite controversy?
  • How did you persevere?
  • Did you show up with integrity despite challenges?
  • Did you give love and kindness despite not receiving any yourself?
  • How did you step out of your comfort zone even if none of your original goals happened?
  • Did you receive unexpected support for your journey?
  • Can you be grateful for the extra time and space that suddenly appeared?
  • Did your mindset change this year?
  • What will you be taking away with you from this year to the next?
  • What good new habits did you form?
  • How did you change your mindset?

There’s always lots to celebrate if we lean to appreciate our own journey. At DrivenWoman we celebrate the journey together, with both its ups and downs.

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Wednesday, December 2nd, 2020

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