5 bullet proof steps to make your dreams come true

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Sometimes dreams do come true. But how? Surely the people who make their dreams happen are somehow special, right! Or perhaps some ideas are just more doable than others? If you find yourself talking yourself out of your dreams it is time to stop. Everyone with an idea starts from the same place, from a place of self doubt. What if my idea is stupid or too big to handle?

We meet many women in our community who think their ideas and dreams are our of reach, unrealistic and too risky. Yet sometimes you have an idea that doesn’t let you rest, it keeps travelling with you and no matter how busy you make yourself on things that are not that important it keeps nagging you, reminding you she’s still there.

That was Tiia some years ago. She had a big idea in her heart. It was so big she didn’t even want to share it with anyone else. Why would she? Why share something that had practically no chance of becoming a reality. Her idea was a tech platform on a scale of LinkedIn, but for charitable activities, and without any tech experience who was she to bring it to life!

It was very easy for her to talk herself out of her dreams as they only existed in her head. And the eternal loop was ready: “Why tell anyone because this idea will never happen. Who am I to make it happen, I have no experience.” And so the dream persisted, in her head, until one day she got the courage to say it out loud.

The dream you don’t dare to tell is your most powerful dream

Tiia joined DrivenWoman where our motto is: it’s ok to share ideas, dreams and aspirations that may seem completely out of reach and unrealistic at the time. She heard other people sharing their dreams so she thought, what’s the worst thing that can happen, why not share mine.

And that was a beginning of an incredible journey.

Now 4.5 years later she’s remembering how she back then recorded the idea in a form of a simple video. She had been encouraged to think of the smallest possible step she could take immediately without taking any risks. 

She started sending her video around to people who could help her to take the next step, what ever that might be. This simple video helped her to connect with people who were interested in making a similar positive impact in the world.

As I did not have a tech background and I was fairly new to the UK, I needed a little push which was given to me by many people – however DrivenWoman and all those driven women in the network were my biggest influencers.” says Tiia.

Tiia ended up finding supporters who led her to find investors who helped her to get the first prototype up which helped her to find more investors. One thing lead to another. At first it was little steps but each step always informed the next and the journey continued.

Today her idea, originally born over ten years ago, is live as whatimpact.com — a platform that connects charities with people and companies who want to do good. whatCharity.com, launched in 2018 was a piece of a big puzzle that was to become whatimpact.com.

Overcome your own resistance to your dreams

It all started with overcoming her own resistance to do what she really deep down in her heart wanted to do, and taking a small step.

“I look and sound like a ‘Japanese robot’ in my original video, but this self-made demo was a beginning of a journey to make my dream happen. No fear, no shame being my motto!” Tiia sums up her feelings about the first step.

“This is the product I aimed to bring to the market, this is my dream! I wanted to create something that benefits our society as a whole.” 

And most amazingly, the video now explaining the benefits of whatimpact.com, is not that dissimilar to her original one, watch it here.

5 bullet proof steps to make your dreams come true

1. Share your idea or dream with someone.

Talk about your idea with someone. Don’t ask for their opinion, just tell them what you would like to create or accomplish. You are not asking for their help, you are using them as a vehicle to get the idea out of your head and into the world.

2. take an immediate first step

Connect to the energy you have just created by telling someone. Take immediate action before you are able to talk yourself out of it again. 

3. Manifest your dream with low risk action

Create or do something that manifests your commitment rather than tries to solve all the different obstacles that stand between you and your dream. Make a hand video and send it to someone. Interview a potential client. Ask for a reference to speak with an expert. Sign up to a course. Make a mock up. Start a blog. 

4. give up shame

Remember you are now on a journey. You will not be able to solve all the obstacles in one go, nor will your first attempt be perfect, possibly you are still learning at your 100th time you are doing something (applying into something, in a job interview, talking to an investor, sending our your book proposal…)

5. surround yourself with people who will not let you quit

You will be offered five times more opportunities and reasons to quit than to carry on. If you want your dream to come true, if you are serious about following your heart and creating something amazing, make sure to surround yourself with people who will be there to support you and help you, who will cheer you on and listen to you without judgement. 


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Wednesday, December 9th, 2020

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