How Joining A Women’s Network Helped Me Define My Own Success And Lead A More Balanced Life

Sometimes in life you find something you are not looking for and end up getting much more than what you asked for. This is what happened to me when I joined a women only network.

I joined DrivenWoman nine months ago because I wanted to do more, achieve more and set more goals. I thought I’d find more reasons to be happy and successful.

Up until now I had considered women only groups as either moms-only groups or career-only oriented women’s groups. It was a cliché and I soon realised that there was not much distance between me and the other women in my group.

I heard wonderful women sharing their experiences about personal and family challenges, very simple daily goals, and how they were trying to manage their everyday life. These seemingly simple stories opened my eyes. I realised I was not the only one feeling frustrated at the obstacles life was throwing at me from time to time.

Hearing the stories of other women, whom some had a very different background to mine, made me realise that we all share very similar aspirations and dreams. I got perspective and it helped me to focus on my true goals.

Over time I started to set simpler goals to myself, and rather than trying to take one big leap.

I decided to put DrivenWoman’s step by step philosophy into action and I started to apprehend my life with more simplicity, being more grateful for what I had achieved and proud of who I am today.

Only after a couple of months on this journey I realised I had had the wrong attitude. Instead of always asking for more I found a way to set better, more fulfilling goals. I simply started to achieve small results with more satisfaction in my everyday life. And this is much more than what I thought I was looking for!

Becoming a DrivenWoman made me question whether I was truly alive, and if yes, how I was going to live my life.

And then last summer I lived a true “revival experience”: I took my 20 year old (still good) bicycle and went for a ride on my own, much the same way I had done some 20 years ago. I rode a total of 700 kilometres in 10 days between Orleans and Basel. It was such an empowering experience that I renewed it again in Tessin, with fewer kilometres but much more height differences. And I absolutely loved it!

Whilst I was on the road I discovered this slogan that resonated with me:

Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance you must keep moving.

I wondered how I would keep moving once I was back in the everyday life. How could I live my life so that I was fully alive? How could I create a virtuous cycle?

I decided to treasure three simple words with a deep meaning for:

1. Stay in shape (foundation)

  • – Make things regular and create a routine
  • – Get on the bike
  • – Do outdoor sport activities
  • – Go out to the daylight
  • – Get enough sleep

2. Focused (work)

  • – Set one day a week to achieve one main goal (one by one)
  • – Forget everything else and concentrate on the main goal

3. Serene (family)

  • – Follow the flow
  • – Focus on here and now
  • – Keep the energy to stay open

The monthly practise of our Lifeworking groups has helped me to narrow down what is important and these three things are my very simple goals for the next 6 months.

According to recent research we need 66 days to establish new habits and get rid of old ones. Within the next 6 months, I would like to anchor this virtuous cycle so deep in every cell of my body and to every nook and cranny of my brain that I will not have to think about it anymore. I’m looking to automate more balance into my life.

DrivenWoman has helped me to understand that success and happiness are not somewhere out there. I don’t need to achieve more or do more to get it. Joining a women’s network helped me define my own success and lead a more balanced life

Thank you so much my lovely DrivenWoman group of Zurich. Keep sharing and enjoying the journey!

~ Christine


Christine Métayer-Apfel is a DrivenWoman member in Zurich, Switzerland

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Sunday, November 5th, 2017

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