A Letter To My Younger Self

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Dear younger me, I hope the following advice finds you well.

Never over explain; nor stay in unpleasant situations because you think you had made some kind of commitment or don’t want to upset others –  it was the everyday situations that this often applied to, wasn’t it?

Know that you are pretty enough  and your strengths were your magnetism, curiosity about life and enthusiasm. You never lacked male attention and it was usually you who moved on, not them.

Please know that very few people are that confident inside so don’t be scared of them! They learned to put on fronts. We are all vulnerable so don’t be aloof or pretend so as to compensate. And never ignore you are being subtly bullied when you are.

With time, younger self of mine, you will learn that showing your vulnerability in an authentic way and having a lighter touch and humour in scary and new situations draws the right people to you. Trust me as this will happen; inner ease reflects externally. Bravado can be misconstrued.

You always wanted a purpose in life, and indeed I, your older self, found it.

The journey is truly more significant than the destination! No, you are not famous or rich. Nor am I at 64, but the career which you chose at 27  has had purpose, richness and fulfilment. And the girl who wanted to be an explorer and performer has found that in travel, talks and fascinating clients.

And so this is how your vocation grew. My career as a timing adviser had many re-inventions over nearly four decades.

Would I have done things differently? In the main, probably not.

I wanted to be self-employed initially and, after an acting background, office work and having studied astrology for several years, tearing my hair out with the mathematics (pre-computer days!) I took the leap with the great ease that comes with youth and adventure. In 1979 it was easy to find jobs. I never intended to stay with it long but my bigger self thought differently!

A path with an authentic heart doesn’t let you down. ‎

I found my chosen career grew organically. I always had natural curiosity, an understanding of how people tick and capacity to make a subject innovative and applicable to other areas of life. As a child I lived in my inner world a lot, imagination and invention being companions, with a  love of patterns and maps.

I came to realise the controversial zone of astrology was in fact a treasure trove of intellect, psychology, and cycles linked with nature, finances, bodily rhythms and creativity. I honour it.

I would say to you, my younger dear self, write that book; you write and never publish so many – remember?

Even with thousands of clients and writer of articles there is a bigger public to reach which would give me more opportunities for media and platform work which I have been told for decades.

I didn’t lack belief  in my chosen path or the freedom it gave me.

I have and do have wonderful encounters with people whom I help on their path;  this makes me feel truly blessed.  My goal to help people feels solid.

Yes, developing more left brain marketing skills, techie and media know how  would have been good.  So, I say to my  now older self “continue with that and know you are ready for next steps”. Help is all around, along with the knowledge and experience which you already have.

And to to you my younger self – to sum up – I would say “Be kinder, more tender to yourself with  choices – Self-employment doesn’t guarantee security. Enjoy the adventurous journey and trust the path you are on chose you and will supply your needs. Because it certainly will! Treat it as a dear friend walking beside you.”

With warm regards,


Ysanne Lewis is an Art Of Timing Expert, Astrologer, Speaker and Writer

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Sunday, May 1st, 2016

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