8 Real Ways to Love Yourself Deeply

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Too often we live our lives on autopilot. Wake up, go to work, finish the to-do list… rinse and repeat. It’s fashionable to talk about ‘self love’ and ‘self care’. Instagram is filled with quotes about taking time for yourself, it’s easy to like those pink images but what does ‘self care’ actually mean? How can you love yourself deeply?

Taking time off away from work or family is great, but as much as we love going to a spa for an afternoon this kind of ‘self care’ is only scratching the surface. The real ‘self love’ is actually far removed from a nice pedicure.

Let’s  take time to asses what parts of you get neglected in that rushed way of life. What parts of you are calling and asking for you to pay attention?

Loving yourself is about honouring yourself.

In order to honour yourself you must connect with yourself each and every day. When you connect to the present moment awareness you learn how you must honour yourself.

Listen to your body, listen to your soul, listen to your heart.

  • Which part of you is craving for attention and love?
  • Which parts of you have been neglected?
  • Which parts of you are covered with moss and dirt and are screaming to be polished off?

Self love is your soul’s MOT. You have to do regular check-ups to see what parts need your attention.

Are you honouring your creativity?

Do you make time to come up with ideas and larger concepts? When was the last time you did something creative with your hands? Do you allow time for moments of boredom and emptiness? When we fill our every waking moment with things to do we are not honouring the part of us that wants to come up with new ideas. Here’s 10 daily routines to help you bring more creativity into your life.

Are you honouring your ambition?

Is your inner voice telling you that you could do more? You could make an impact? That there’s more to you than meets the eye? Not because you have to, you are enough as you are. But because you are playing small and deep down you know you want to play bigger. How can you honour your inner ambition? What is that voice asking you to do?

Your health?

We often neglect the needs of our own bodies as soon as there are deadlines looming or things to achieve. Your body is your vehicle to show up in the world. It carries you to your dreams and your goals and the better you care for it the more supportive it can be. Your body connects you to your soul.

We carry tremendous amount of wisdom in our bodies. But if we let our health down, we suffer pain and that takes all our attention so we can’t hear our soul’s messages. Your body has the answers for you, so we must honour our bodies keeping them healthy and strong.

Your wisdom?

Are you honouring your quest for knowledge and learning? Are you feeding your curiosity? The benefits of reading are well recorded. When did you last read a book that stimulated your mind? In order to consistently expand and grow, we must honour our minds by feeding it with inspiration and new influences.

Your connection with others?

Are you honouring yourself by surrounding yourself with people who love and support you? We must respect and love ourself to surround ourselves with people who inspire us and trust us. To love yourself is to create an environment where you can thrive.

A Harvard study, almost 80 years old, has proved that embracing community helps us live longer, and be happier.

Your energy?

Are you showing up to your life with full energy or are you compromising on your sleep and nutrition? When you raise your awareness about the parts that you need to honour, you can step away from daily habits that are draining your energy.

Your joy?

When was the last time you had bonkers amount of fun? Are you honouring yourself by doing things that bring you joy even if they seem ‘pointless’ or ‘waste of time’? When we are living our lives on autopilot we may become separated from joy. Fun is a night out at a comedy club (nothing wrong with that!). The part of you that is graving for more enjoyment in your life would be quite happy if you experienced joy everyday.

And joy is not just ‘fun’. Research shows that living joyfully has many health benefits and can help you reduce stress and improve your immune system.

Your connection with nature?

When we lose connection to nature we lose connection to ourselves. There’s a part in each one of us that wants to honour that connection because it is the source of life, portal to the Universe and access to the wisdom within. We are as much part of nature as birds and trees but instead we want to feel separate. If nature is calling you it’s time to honour that voice.

Research shows that ‘forest bathing‘, immersing yourself in nature, has beneficial health effects can some doctors can even prescribe activities outdoors.

What parts of you do you need to honour today?  How can you love yourself more deeply?

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Monday, February 10th, 2020

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