Why accountability is crucial for self-care that loves you back

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Many of us view the world through a lens of constant achievement, believing that unless we are fully self sufficient we will come across as weak and less worthy. Whilst we are trying to appear strong our reluctance to ask for help or support leaves us yearning for validation that we are indeed ‘good enough’.

Instagram feeds are filling up with quotes of “you are enough” and we’re keen readers of the Self Care Revolution yet, trying to do it all alone we often forget that we feel most fulfilled when we are connected to others.

Self care may sound like something you do alone, for yourself, but perhaps this view of an isolated individual putting herself and her own needs first is actually holding us back from experiencing the real benefits of self love.  Maybe these can only be experienced whilst loving and supporting others at the same time?

Connect with others to fully experience self care

When you are aiming to achieve in all areas of your life it’s very easy to slip into trying to achieve practising self care. But what if self care wasn’t about doing it right and doing it alone, but doing it together?

What if self care was about feeling connected and being ready to ask for help, for support or for an opinion. What if we were strong enough to open ourselves up to a greater experience and let others in on the self care journey with us? How would that feel?

Sharing your journey and accepting support may feel vulnerable at the start, but  becoming accountable to your self care steps can in fact intensify your results. We see this all the time in our global community as we hold our regular accountability challenges.

This quote is from Mandy, a recent participant on an accountability challenge:

One of the issues that I have been mulling over this week, is that much of my reluctance to make myself accountable might actually be a fear of showing that I am not completely independent and self-sufficient; that I do indeed, like all other humans need other people, their company, their approval and, indeed, their help every now and again.”

And she received this response from Sarah:

My heart expanded when I read your post as I have for as long as I can remember been determined to be self sufficient to the point that I rarely ask for help, feedback etc! It’s so brilliant and inspiring to me that you’ve reached out and asked. I hope I can think of something to help you!

And this from Martha:

Thank you for sharing this as I had ‘missed’ all the accountability calls. I think now deliberately, so subconsciously, but your message has been incredibly helpful for me to name my message, why it’s important and what terrifies me.”

The circle of love was immediately created through this simple act of openness, accountability and support. And both ladies felt incredibly connected and started to value their own journey on a new level. This is what true self care looks like. It’s not about massages and pedicures, it’s about opening yourself up to the world and receiving support and validation. You are worthy as you are and your struggles are real. 

Deep down self care is about self acceptance

Take your self care practise to the next level and involve others. Share your doubts and moments of hesitation. What did you want to do today but didn’t?  Let in support from like-minded women who are on a similar journey to you. Find a safe space to reflect on your choices and help others as they welcome your support.

Instead of feeling isolated and trying to achieve your self care goals, suddenly you will feel connected and loved just as you are – and that’s what self care and self love is all about!

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Thursday, June 18th, 2020

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