What was your ‘aha’ moment?

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We all want to be happy and we all want to be more successful in our lives. Success means something completely different to everyone, but we all dream of a better and more fulfilling life. But we often chase dreams that are not ours, or we may be afraid to look inside to find what we really want. Or we may be certain that we know what we want but one day discover it was not the whole truth and there is more.

After a very hectic career in branding I have used the past couple of years searching for the real meaning, the ‘purpose’. I’ve made a lot of small discoveries along the way, but only when I stopped caring what other people might think about my ideas I started getting closer. Until my ‘aha’ moment I still secretly mirrored my ideas through other people’s eyes for approval.

We always think ‘the other people’ are so much smarter or more beautiful than us. But if we’d only realise that they will most likely think the same way about us. Perhaps that would stop us having circular discussions in our own heads and would help us to open up. The real discoveries of any kind are made when sharing with others. And what stops us from sharing is our own insecurities about our thoughts and ideas. Basically we question our own worthiness. But our ideas are the most important and the most powerful things we have so we should not hide them!

I met Jennifer three months ago and we ‘hit it off’ as they say. We were in a similar situation, looking for something meaningful to do with our lives. We both love working and we were looking to start a new business but it had to be with something substantial, something with a purpose. It was only when we analysed out talents, personalities and dreams together that we discovered that we wanted to help every woman unlock their potential. The ‘aha’ moment was magical. We will remember that sofa we were sitting on in that Central London restaurant for the rest of our lives.

Do you have a story about your ‘aha’ moment? or are you searching for one but have not found it yet? Have you discovered something remarkable just because you were sharing it with someone? Do you think something is stopping you from searching or sharing your dreams? We would love to hear your story. Even a little story can help others in a similar situation. And one day you may receive the help back from someone else!

~ Miisa

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Monday, April 8th, 2013

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