What To Give To A Driven Woman

“How will I ever get through everything?!” summed up one member how she felt about the run-up to Christmas. There’s definitely not enough time to buy gifts, get the house ready and work on your goals and dreams.

But why? Why does it always have to be like this? Are we doing all of this hustling because we enjoy it or because we think we should do it? And what about those gifts. Will you be giving gifts that you think you should give or that would genuinely be useful and help someone? Perhaps there is another approach.

Rather than getting people more stuff, no matter how well you know your best friend the best you can do is to get her favourite colour scarf yet again. And if she’s a driven woman she might actually appreciate something quite different.

Let’s take a quick look at our community. There’s been a big shift from long corporate careers to self-employment or entrepreneurship and most of my friends have at least one creative project on the side if they are in a corporate job.

All these businesses, brands and side projects are created by incredible women, and being online makes them very accessible. So it’s really easy to help an entrepreneurial friend and we should all do more of it.

Sharing is caring‘ they say, but I’m surprised how little sharing still takes place.

What could be a greater gift than giving your friend’s business or project a personal recognition?

It’s much easier to buy her a box of chocolates, of course, as you don’t have to get emotionally involved. You don’t have to make a statement and you can stay in the shadows.

Are we afraid of saying we like and support something? What if it fails? Do I look like a fool then? Is the only thing stopping us from helping our friends that we are too busy to care?

So what to give to a driven woman this Christmas? She may be a female entrepreneur, a career girl with a side hustle or just a fabulous, driven girl who has something to say. Here are some ideas that cost you nothing and only take a couple of minutes or even just seconds to complete.

– Share links and images about your friends’ business or project or event

– Leave a comment on her blog

– Comment on a tweet or Instagram post

– Volunteer to comment and give feedback about her project

– Write a review about her business, product or book

– Recommend her on LinkedIn

– Make an introduction to people you know who might be helpful to her

– Ask how you could be valuable to your entrepreneurial friend

– Send her links and useful articles that might be helpful to her business or project

– Offer her your expertise for free of charge

Wouldn’t we all like to get more these kinds of presents this Christmas? Let’s make a special effort to reach out to people around us this Christmas to see if they need help.

And the best part, giving such a gift where you are fully personally present will improve your own happiness million-fold compared to presents found after a mad rush to the shops.

What will you give to a driven woman this Christmas?

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Saturday, December 15th, 2018

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