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Do you feel aiming for success is a constant struggle? Are you constantly mustering up motivation to get things done? I was bought up believing that success is hard work. Sure nothing happens if you just sit on your backside. But “If it was easy anyone could do it.” was always my mantra.

Until last week.

Setting up Festival Of Doers has changed everything. Everything has been falling into place with ease, with a positive flow and almost as if nature had intended things to happen. I asked for help and it was given with excitement and joy. Every speaker I approached gladly accepted my invitation to come and speak. The main sponsor NatWest appeared almost organically.

People volunteered to help to make it a success because they believed in me and in my purpose. And it’s almost like the attendees supported me as they bought the tickets (thank you!) without me having to make desperate pleas or excessive marketing efforts.

Perhaps success is not about a struggle.

Deepak Chopra first introduced me to the idea that success could be, er perhaps not easy, but it shouldn’t feel like a struggle.

“In the natural world, creation comes forth with ease. A seed doesn’t struggle to become a tree―it simply unfolds in grace.”

His words in the book Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success really resonated with me and I slowly started to pay attention to my joy and as I gained confidence I started following it. It was the exact opposite of what I had been brought up to believe, that joy was a waste of time. “First work (= struggle), then joy” would go the old proverb.

And here is the paradox.

If it was easy anyone could do it. But it’s only easy for me. Why? Because it is my calling, my purpose and my journey. Because only I have prepared all my life for this. I have learned everything I have learned through my own experiences. I have made all the mistakes to be able to learn what I know now. And it’s me who has stepped outside of my comfort zone, fallen on my face, picked myself up again and carried on.

If you’d try to do the same it would be a struggle for you, because it is not your path! And somewhere out there there’s an easy, naturally flowing path for you too.

The day has arrived. The day when things were no longer hard.

It was the day of Festival Of Doers! People asked me if I was surprised it went so well and I told them ‘no’. I wasn’t surprised. Somehow I always knew. It’s been a deeply spiritual experience. To know that I’m doing what I’m meant to be doing.

I remember reading about this so many times from books and articles when I was searching for my purpose, my thing. The message was clear: “When you will stop chasing, it will come.” When you stop asking for guarantees for the end result it will get easier. When you start trusting you will find your flow.

The day I has arrived. I have found my flow.

I can tap into it as and when I want. I can turn it on and off as I wish. And yes, there’s this secret club at the end of the rainbow. I feel like I’ve entered through its secret door!

Nobody will ever tell you where it is and how to get there. They will never give you the keys. I can’t give you the keys even though I now have the keys.

But if you start trusting your own voice and surrender to your work completely you will be guided. Behind this door you will belong to a different club. It’s a VIP club that you could never have dreamed of but it is real. People in high places help you, things you previously spend months looking for will simply just appear with ease.

This is not magic, there’s no magic bullet. It’s the groundwork you’ve put in over the years. It’s the trusting.

Stop letting the ego guide you and start trusting the real you.

And when you are getting started it sounds so hard. It sounds so hard to let go. To trust. To go towards your joy. Because it’s against everything you’ve ever known or being told. And it’s hard because there’s no guarantees. That was the hardest part for me.

Looking back it felt like ages initially, nothing happened. But I trusted. I didn’t give up. I listened to my inner truth and I trusted my vision. I kept trying things and adjusting as I went along. And slowly I started believing in this door and what could lie on the other side.

And along the way there will be pain, when you peel off the layers of shame, fear and ‘lack’. So there will be struggle. But the trick is to differentiate if the struggle is there to serve you (gift of learning) or if you are simply hitting your head against the wall and trying to do something that is not your true calling or somehow not aligned with you.

But remember, all you have to do today is to take one step towards what excites you more. The secret door is closer than you think.

~ Miisa

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Sunday, February 5th, 2017

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