We can have a great impact on each other – if we just step out

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I’m on a plane to Geneva and there, two rows down, a young lady caught my eye. The flight attendant  was crouching down beside her handing out some tissues. Tears rolled down her face as she whispered ” I am fine no I am not afraid of flying”.

As the plane took off she began to sob uncontrollably, 45 mins into the journey she was still crying, often covering her face and shaking her head as if to disagree with her pain.

It was quite a profound thing to watch.

Passengers next to her and around her all held out their hands to see if she was ok . Still she confirmed that she was fine. But she was not. It was clear to see.

I thought just how completely sad this was to witness. I had been so sad for many times in my life but for sure I could have controlled myself for a short flight within Europe! This poor girl was in so much pain and had no one there to help her. How lonely she must have felt.

What in the world can make us so sad no one can help us or change how we feel?

After a while I reached out and gave her a packet of tissues. Then 5 mins later I tapped her on her shoulder and said ” It’s just so sad to watch you hurt like this and whatever it maybe I hope time will heal.”  She gathered herself and said thank you and then told me that she had an argument with her boyfriend and despite everything, she was convinced that he was the one for her.

I did not question her too much but what I gathered, she was a dreamer and wanted to place her happiness in the hands of a pragmatic boyfriend.  She spoke quite openly once the tears had stopped which was a great relief to the surrounding passengers, I guess. Once she finished I reached over and gave her the book I was reading ‘Zen and the Art of falling in love‘. “Read this” I said. I am not sure if this will help completely but it will give you something else to think about. I hope it will help you to love yourself first and to be patient with others.”

She smiled and hugged me, and for the rest of the journey, some 30 mins or so, she didn’t look up, just kept on reading.

I am not sure of the impact the book had on her but for me just to see her in no pain even just for a while confirmed just how important it is to share! 

I’m convinced that we learn so much when we put our emotions on the line and step outside of our ‘shell’ to help someone else. Everyone has something to give. All you have to do is to be aware of your surroundings, what is going on around you and who you can help.

How can you spread some good news today? Come out of your own shell and help someone by putting yourself into play.

~ Jennifer

For the record. I got this book from Miisa -who read it 4 times! She got it from her friend Kaisa – I don’ know how many times she read it. I’m almost certain she got it from someone else. And so the good news have travelled. 

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Thursday, September 5th, 2013

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