The Wardrobe Secrets Of A DrivenWoman

Do you sometimes feel you know exactly what has to be done but lack the initiative to finalise a project and take the necessary steps? You can pinpoint the little improvements to your lifestyle what would make a big difference but there’s already enough things on your to-do list.

The great thing about being a part of a community is that you get introduced to ideas that will prompt you to improve your thinking and get stuff done in a new way. For instance, let’s take a popular January topic, clearing out your closet. I started clearing out my closets some time ago but haven’t been able to completely finish the project. I simply have too much to do all the time, right?

Then yesterday one of our members shared a wonderful TED talk ‘The Ten Item Wardrobe‘ by Jennifer L. Scott. Watching this talk suddenly put fire under my backside and completing the wardrobe project became a priority.

That’s the power of a community. So today, here I was, completing the task long over due.

Whilst I was being brutally honest with the items I actually use and the items that have not seen the light of day for many years I remembered something image consultant Joanna Gaudoin from InsideOut said: “Do you own lots of clothes and accessories but they aren’t right for who you are now?

That’s exactly how I felt. After having my twin boys, oh – over 5 years ago – I’ve done a number of wardrobe clear outs, but still seemed to be holding onto items from the golden pre-child era. Why? My inside talk goes something like this… “But this was my favourite piece, I used it so much – back then. Surely I’ll still wear it at some point. It’s too expensive to throw out… I love that colour…

Does it sound familiar?

We express ourselves through what we wear. Therefore holding onto garments means holding on to the old expression of me. Why should I become the person I used to be? I’m becoming the person I’m meant to become and everything I love will take a new shape and form.

Giving up the old makes immediately room for the new.

It’s surprising how holding on to old clothes or other possessions can hold you back in the past.

If you have a need for a bigger household overhaul, get inspired and take the 30DayGetChuckedChallenge. The Telegraph’s Victoria Lambert chucked 465 items in 30 days. (Again, I can thank one of our members for sharing this article!)

Five reasons why you should make time for a lifestyle clear out, now.

1) Make clearing out your wardrobe (or the house/ office) a priority

There’s always a million and one other things that on the surface seem more urgent, but it’s important to make the foundation strong. And it’s time to start respecting your living environment, your lifestyle and you.

2) Your clothes should serve the person you are today

We express our personality, our values and who we are through our clothing, haircut and the whole package, it’s how we show up to our life. It’s important to let go of objects that no longer serve the person you are today, and stop thinking of the person who you were yesterday.

3) Be selective what you invite into your life

If you listened Jennifer L. Scott’s talk you are by now convinced you don’t need a lot of stuff and a big wardrobe. What you need is good quality. Choose items that make you feel great, increase your confidence and express self-love. Select clothing like you select people, only invite the best and the most positive into your life.

4) Less is more productive

I’ve talked about this before,  a well organised wardrobe improves productivity. It sounds like a cliche, but it’s true. You can cut down the time you need getting ready in the morning, knowing everything in your closet works, fits and looks great. And forget the days when the whole day is near ruined due to feeling uncomfortable in what you are wearing.

5) Show daily self-love

Looking good, showing who you are through what you wear, investing in a manicure or a nice hair colour, scented candles or a bunch of fresh flowers weekly is not vanity, a necessity. It’s about expressing self-love. Pay attention to this, even if you work from home. It’s about showing up to your life and enjoying your own company, not about impressing others.

Have a great week!

~ Miisa



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Sunday, January 25th, 2015

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