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It’s pretty simple: you want more clients and you want increased income.

And with so many marketing activities to choose from, you want to work smart. You might have already heard the many benefits of blogging – it’s great for SEO, it enables you to build your email list, it raises your credibility and expert status – but bottom-line? The magic of blogging comes down to this:

Right now, your ideal clients don’t know how amazing you are.

Unless they live in your home office or sit next to you while you type away at the café, they don’t know how much time you spend developing the most incredible events, products and services. Unless they’ve got access to your inner world, they don’t realise how much heart and soul you pour into your offerings; they don’t know how much you care about them, and until they get into a conversation with you, or into the venue with you, they simply don’t know how much their life is going to be changed by your approach.

This became crystal-clear for me when a friend invited me as a guest to her workshop. I’d seen her promoting the event on Facebook so it was on my radar, but it hadn’t grabbed me. A few words in a social media status (“Hey, this workshop’s coming up on 11th October, book your place now”) hadn’t told me a story. It hadn’t inspired me to sign up. But a free place? Sure, why not, thanks.

The workshop was incredible. Profound. Transformational. I cried. Other participants cried. I could have guessed my friend would be a talented facilitator, but this? A whole other level of skill.

And what was clear to me was the massive gap between her brochure website and her basic social media sharing… and actually being in the room with her.  And without a blog, frustratingly there wasn’t a bridge between the two.

My friend could have waxed lyrical about how amazing the workshop would be but her community probably wouldn’t have felt it, or even believed it; as the creator, she was biased.

She needed to show me how amazing her workshop would be – and that’s where a blog comes in.

In order for your ideal clients to know how amazing you are, give them value through a blog.

Every blog post gives your prospective client a window into what happens on the other side of payment: the workshop room, the 1-1 session, the product. Every blog carries inherent value and gives your reader a taste of you.

Like right now – you’re getting a taste of me. Just as if you were reading this as a blog, we’re starting a relationship (hey there!). Through my words, I’m building your trust that I might have something of value to share with you. I’m revealing myself a little – so that you can come to know me and trust me.

So, give your prospective client a bridge between not knowing you… and knowing you enough to give you money. When you blog, they’ll get glimpses of your amazingness – and they’ll feel safe enough to give you money; in time, it’ll feel like doing business with a friend.

Start now.

Write a blog post this week (oh go on then: today!) that gives your reader a snippet of how amazing you are.

Some tips:

–  Amazing doesn’t mean bragging about yourself. It’s about empathising with your reader’s greatest need, yearning or challenge and offering a snippet of your expertise that would help them immediately. Use that formula: empathy before expertise.

–  Start your blog, “Dear Chloe”, or whatever name you give to the ideal client in your mind and then when you’ve finished writing, delete that greeting. It’ll make the blog feel personal, heart-to-heart and intimate.

–  Less is more. You’ll hopefully be blogging for years to come, so share only what you could cover in a 5-minute conversation. Don’t overwhelm your reader with your brilliance; ensure you leave enough room to segue into your offer: “If you found this useful, book your session now”.

Here’s to your amazingness. Now, blog on.


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Sunday, November 22nd, 2015

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