Re-discovering My Natural Self

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A few years back in a session, a therapist told me that the whole orientation of my inner system was wired towards stress. It was a sub-conscious program in my body and mind – intensity had become a magnet. I was an intensity junkie and stress was my comfort zone. She told me that I had to consciously re-learn to move towards relaxation, otherwise I would become severely ill.

I had just jumped off from a hectic marketing career and started a sabbatical to find out who I would be without my work?  What would lie beneath? Sabbatical turned into three years of various therapist training courses, a lot of meditation, and a very deep personal discovery process. It became a process of de-coding my whole inner system. A process of letting go, and re-connecting with who I really was. A journey of reconnecting with my natural self. I finally met my existential fear of not having a right to be here without constantly efforting. ( = a constant state of pushing and controlling)

It has been a paradox to learn that the more you let go of efforting, the more of your true capacity is available.

Actually, when you are relaxed and present, you are fully available for what ever is needed at that moment. You see more, you hear more, you sense more. You are more deeply connected with others. And when you are relaxed and present, people around you relax too. And this relaxed presence is a source of an insightfulness and a truly creative flow and action. It all happens on a level a tensed mind could never reach.

It sounds so flat, but as an experience it is radical. It’s an experience of limitless capacity, creativity, sensitivity, vulnerability and courage. But it can be frightening and confusing because it flows from a very different place we have learned. It’s a sensation of an unfolding energy, not a result of pushing and achieving.

I invite you to let go of an outdated program and conditioning, and make a conscious choice to trust that the biggest force unfolds from being natural, finding your natural element. And that relaxed and sensitive way is the most powerful way to live and work.

It is not easy in the beginning but soon enough you will find yourself wondering ‘What? Can things move so effortlessly? Can everything move so … naturally?’

I invite you to make a decision and take the first step – today. The journey will be greater than you can even imagine.

Kaisa Peltola is a facilitator of human transformation, MSc.(Econ), and a Holistic Counsellor

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Monday, April 22nd, 2019

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