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This is a quest post from Niyc Pidgeon, the founder of Optimal You. Niyc is a Positive Psychologist with specialism in physical activity, sport and exercise. She holds an MSc (Dist.) in Applied Positive Psychology, a BSc (Hons) in Psychology with Sport Sciences, and is an experienced qualified lecturer and training facilitator.


Think about how you view your world. Is everything rosy? Does everything flow? Are you feeling happy?

Or do you sometimes wake up and wonder why your world seems so chaotic and like you don’t know where to move next?

The view of the world you adopt for yourself is the way your reality will be. YOU have the power to shape your world and to create your ideal life.

Positive Psychology is the study of what makes humans thrive. It looks at what we do right, and how we can build our personal and professional well-being to realise the life we want.

Use these five steps to enhance your own well-being and also that of those around you…

Step 1: Connect

Aim to cultivate positive relationships in your life. Surround yourself with people that believe in your dreams and people that challenge and uplift you. Take the time to call an old friend and reconnect. Think about how your smile might change somebody else’s day.

Step 2: Be Active

MOVE! Find an activity you love to do – it might be cleaning whilst listening to your favourite music, it might be yoga, or it might be running marathons. Physical activity is the number one factor in enhancing optimal functioning. You should do something active every single day. Moving more can create a sense of purpose and structure, energise you and help you focus towards your goals. Exercise also reduces the risk of cancers, stroke, diabetes, obesity and death, and you will sleep better as a result.

Step 3: Take Notice

Keep your head up and be aware of the world around you. Savour positive experiences and appreciate beautiful surroundings. What can you see right now that you can savour? Taking the time to notice more and appreciate can help you understand yourself, and the things you have to be grateful for. Your well-being will be boosted as a result.

Step 4: Keep Learning

Cultivate a growth mindset. Open your mind to new experiences and be prepared to learn each and every day. Heighten your awareness to your world around you and take stock of where you are. Do you ever feel yourself getting defensive in a situation you are unfamiliar with or uncomfortable in? Take three deep breaths. Remember your growth mindset, and reframe the experience as a process that you can learn something from. Challenge yourself every day, and grow as the person you want to be.

Step 5: Give

Practise random acts of kindness. Do something today for somebody else. Send a note to tell somebody how much you appreciate or admire them. Help somebody to achieve a goal they are working towards. Give feedback for good service you have received. Wait, and hold the door open for somebody. Gift somebody an inspirational book.

“When we feel love and kindness toward others, it not only makes others feel loved and cared for, but it helps us also to develop inner happiness and peace.” Dalai Llama

Think about how you can use these five steps this week to help you flourish and thrive.

This is how I intend to Connect, Be Active, Take Notice, Keep Learning, and Give:

This week I will get in touch with each of my grandparents, and take the time to find out how they are. Leading a busy lifestyle and running a business means that I don’t do this as often as I should. This week I will make the time.


I will plan and stick to my schedule of workouts, which combine bootcamps running, strength training, and yoga.


I will savour an experience or a view every day this week, and share with you via the Driven Woman Facebook and Twitter pages.


I will allocate thirty minutes each day to read or watch something educational. This may be a book, an academic piece of research, or a TED talk (www.ted.com).

I will ask my friends if there is anything I can help them with this week, and offer my time, advice or assistance.


Get in touch and let us know what you plan to do to Connect, Be Active, Take Notice, Keep Learning, and Give this week.

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Wednesday, January 15th, 2014

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