Improving is easier than creating

“If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your website you launched too late.” A brilliant #startup quote from Reid Hoffman, founder of LinkedIn. Just imagine how much we could do and create if we applied this thinking to everything in life? We women especially have a lot to learn from the idea of progress over perfection!

10 months ago our idea of DrivenWoman was born. True to our principles we got straight to work and the DrivenWoman blog (this very blog!) launched in April 2013, 2 weeks after our ‘aha’ moment. Not perfect, nowhere near finished, but this blog has been a great avenue to share our views, practise saying what we want to say (we’d like to think we are getting better at it!) and a vehicle for feedback from our audience. We could have started crafting a perfect website, but we’d probably still be crafting it.

We launched our first website quietly in autumn 2013. Quietly, because, again it wasn’t perfect. It was perhaps 46% of what we really wanted to create. But now we had a website that expressed what DrivenWoman was about, and a blog where we continued to share our thinking.

Creating the first website was very difficult. I did it myself on WIX. I was used to briefing web designers to get the job done, but now decided to learn how to do it myself. It was easier than I thought but it took me forever. The whole process was very slow. I was going clearly outside my comfort zone and I was learning.

But guess what. As I was doing it I got better at it! And to create the next version of the website was a walk in the park. Oh yes, go and have a look!! This is something to be proud of. Sure we can – and will – improve it, but we are clearly moving away from embarrassment. And it’s a team effort, we’ve been working closely with our graphic designer Carla Ladau who has created the fantastic illustrations and our brand identity. And Marina Gask who has helped us with the copy text.

If we didn’t start this blog 10 months ago, and if we didn’t launch a website we were quite embarrassed about, we would not have been in a position to improve something today. We wouldn’t have known what we wanted if we’d not been working on it!

Improving is always easier than creating something completely new!

Just get started. The work will teach you and by doing your thing you will learn what you should be doing and saying next.

~ Miisa

Ps. And yes, do tell us if you like the new website!!?

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Sunday, January 19th, 2014

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