I’m Dreaming Of Wealthy Women

Last summer I got tired of pay day loan companies’ advertising. The dream life they offered would be financed by loans. I couldn’t disagree more. Living a life of luxury on borrowed money is only a big lie and will result in a nightmare. Dream life can only be based on reality. It’s based on passion, professionalism and taking responsibility of our own financial future.

And when something bothers me, if I see a ‘fault’ in the universe, I want to do something about it. So I decided to start a web based community for Wealthy Women. ‘Wealthy’ is not an exact figure, it’s about an idea that everyone can improve their financial situation.

Our financial future is influenced only by our choices that will lead to a different, more attractive financial situation.

There is so much mystery surrounding money and wealth but it really is no magic. Your own attitude determines 80% of your financial outcome. Think about it, if you really want to get something you will find a way to achieve it, right? But if you believe you will always be poor and not entitled to any riches the mindset is difficult to change.

This new community will support its members to make their financial future brighter. Women who join the community will get instructions to draw up their own financial statement and choose their financial target. This is an exercise I warmly recommend to everybody, and you should keep updating it regularly! They will also receive a wealth coaching pack with ideas and tools for better money management and wealth growth. It’s important to keep working on your wealth every month to reach your goals.

Women tend be somewhat ashamed to take a grip of their own finances.

It’s as if we are our own worst enemies. Women tend to ask for less in salary negotiations, they end up earning less than men, and there are fewer female entrepreneurs. Women’s pension contributions are smaller than men’s. But we could do so much more for ourselves to make our situation better!

It’s up to us that we take the steps though. Reaching any goal is easier as a member of a community because you get support, you can exchange opinions and experiences with other women. Same goes for reaching our financial goals as you get new ideas and point of views about money and wealth. But it means we have to make an effort, and to be willing to share. Sometimes it’s hard to change anything alone. When you surround yourself with like-minded people who are also eager to reach their goals you are more likely to succeed.

I believe we women can achieve great things, and together we are stronger. My dream is to build a community of 10,000 wealthy women. I wanted to share this big dream with you, perhaps it will help you dream bigger.

Have a wonderful, wealth conscious week.

~ Terhi

This is a guest post from Terhi Majasalmi, a DrivenWoman trusted women’s wealth coach. She will be running the second DrivenWoman ‘Wealthy Woman Workshop’ in London on the 19th of March 2015. Meanwhile, you can find out about her Wealthy Woman community here. (Now in Finnish only.)

Terhi Majasalmi is a wealth coach who dreams about 10,000 wealthy women

Terhi Majasalmi is a wealth coach who dreams about 10,000 wealthy women.


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Sunday, November 30th, 2014

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