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Are you looking up to successful women role models thinking they are so far ahead from where you are that there’s no point of even trying to do something? Do those women make you feel exhausted and even less motivated to make changes in your own life?

I know how you feel, I used to look up at super successful women and think ‘how could I ever be like her.’

I only need to look back a couple of years to see how unorganised my life seemed at times. I was not sure where I was heading. I didn’t feel that my lifestyle was in balance and there were moments of self doubt and confusion. I was desperately looking for my success formula and looking up to women who seemed to have it all figured out.

One of those perfectly together women is Jo Westwood, a spiritual life coach and Hay House author. I talked to her about her definition of success and how she’s handled setbacks in her journey. She told me that to her success meant going to bed every night feeling she’d lived her day with integrity and done her best with the resources at her use. I asked if she’s always been so content and she replied ‘No’. There was a time when her life felt like a daily struggle.

Watch the video and the only likely thought will be that Jo must have been born that way – glowing with inner peace and happiness. But she explained to me that she wasn’t always like that!

Over a period of 10 years she has become the woman she is today and it has meant changing her mindset and continually dedicating time to her spiritual practise doing meditation and journaling.

We all have the power to become the woman who we really are.

You too can be glowing from the inside and fully aligned with your purpose, just like Jo. And when you are in your power you become unstoppable!

We may lack courage to make things happen right now. But gaining that inner power is a journey, it’s not one single act or event. Not one thing is going to turn things around. Look at it like a river that is made from numerous smaller streams. If you focus on the tiniest streams today, one day you’ll get to the wast, fully flowing river.

Everyone is ordinary. There are no super women. The role models you look up to today were completely mediocre in the past.

Ordinary women become extraordinary because they commit to their journey and go after their dreams.

If you are tired of a daily struggle and would like to start living a bigger life, there are many things you can do straight away to start your journey. Don’t wait for a specific future event (a new job, project, location, course etc) or a person to change it for you.

Jo has a great advice what you can do to start moving towards a bigger life right now: let go of anything that feels out of alignment. This can be work related, relationships, food, how you spend your free time or even the clothes you wear.

Big change always starts with small steps.

~ Miisa

Watch Jo’s interview here. And join Festival Of Doers 27.1.2017 in London where you can meet Jo Westwood and other extraordinary women. You can find more interviews with women ‘Doers’ here.


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Sunday, December 11th, 2016

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