How to uncover your unique talents and find your inner drive

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how to find your inner drive

Many women struggle to appreciate their own talents and don’t know how to find their inner drive. Imagine a world where everyone shows up bravely and authentically and uses their talents to benefit and help others. Imagine a world where nobody had a need to compare themselves or feel jealous about someone else’s success. Imagine a world where women’s unique talents were valued equal to men’s and they were connected to their inner drive.

We may not live in a dream world, but nothing should stop you celebrating your unique personal talents. The trouble is many women don’t believe their inner gifts are worth celebrating and haven’t taken the time to  appreciate their talents and strengths, and are shy to express them.

“My career is going just fine, so why am I feeling so anxious and overwhelmed?”

“I know I want to change something but I just don’t know what it is”

“I feel like I’m AT A crossroads but I have no idea what step to take next!”

We get comments like this from our community all the time. Women feeling lost and overwhelmed not knowing what direction to take and where to start. The confusion is a simple sign of not knowing who you are and what kind of work would give you a deeper meaning. When we use our inherent talents we become connected with our purpose and feel we belong. We all want to live fully and find our inner drive!

There’s a simple explanation to this confusion.

In the past women’s talents and gifts have not been appreciated by all of society. Often women have been expected to serve a certain role – a care giver, a peace-maker, the person who keeps everyone else happy. She makes the coffee and keeps her opinions and ideas to herself.

If we wanted to get ahead and make a success of ourselves we had to adopt masculine strategies to make it in the man’s world. To become ‘equal’ was to become more like men. This would often mean suppressing our feminine talents and exaggerating the traits that we thought were expected of us. But this strategy has only taken us so far.

Now the confusion is lifting and we are more able to be valued exactly as we are, in our own unique way. We want collaboration lifted to the same status as competition, gentleness to be appreciated equally to forcefulness and intuition to be awarded the same way as logic.

Don’t be afraid to be who you are.

All these wonderful qualities live within women and it’s time to uncover and celebrate your own unique talents.

If you want to stop feeling like a fake, an impostor, and start showing up powerfully in your life and career it’s time to find out what you are naturally good at doing and what talents you were born with. Spend a little bit of time writing down what you value in life and what your personality traits are, and perhaps even – what is your purpose?

‘My Life Pyramid’ is one of DrivenWoman’s foundation exercises that sets our members off on their Lifeworking™ journey. It’s a very powerful exercise that reveals who you are and what you enjoy doing. At the bottom of the ‘pyramid’ you discover your talents, what you are naturally good at doing and what you enjoy. The higher up the ‘pyramid’ you move the more abstract concepts you discover. The idea is that you should not only appreciate what you can do, but who you are as a person: your personality, values and your purpose.

‘My Life Pyramid’ helps participants answer questions such as:

  • “What do I actually enjoy doing rather than what I’m expected to be doing?”
  • “What am I passionate about?”
  • “What are the values I want to live by?”
  • “What could I do if I wasn’t afraid?”
  • “What brings me joy in life?” (We are experts in shying away from the things we actually love the most!)
  • There’s no shortcut to clarity.

You can’t skip this bit and simply jump from feeling confused and overwhelmed to knowing what you want. The reason many women stall at the starting blocks (or waste years of their lives waiting) is that they don’t take the time to explore what talents and desires they carry inside their hearts.

Are you ready to uncover your unique talents so that you can find your inner drive and start taking steps towards your goals and dreams?  You can find clarity with the help of DrivenWoman’s simple but powerful tools.  Thousands of women from all over the world have attended our proven LifeWorking™ Workshops which we run frequently online (and are free to join) and are available for companies to support their women.

DrivenWoman is an empowerment program for ambitious women who want to achieve their dreams and goals fast.

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Saturday, December 21st, 2019

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