LifeWorking™ workshop is a 2 hour experiential workshop that gives participants an opportunity to sample the LifeWorking™ methodology and start defining their goals and priorities. Participants will leave with a greater understanding of their talents and what makes them thrive, evaluate what is important for their career and life, and an action plan they can implement straight away.

LifeWorking™ workshop participants will:

  • Articulate what they want to achieve – what does their ‘bigger life’ look like?
  • Set their long-term goal and short-term tasks, and break them down into tangible, achievable action points they can tackle
  • Share and hear stories of other like-minded women. Be inspired by the stories of other participants and notice that the obstacles they thought were unique to them are universal to most women. (in-person events only)
  • Get a sense of clarity of their career journey, and what they can do right now to start moving towards their aspirations.

We will facilitate LifeWorking™ workshops both on-line and in-person for groups ranging from 10 people to 250 or more. The LifeWorking™ workshop includes three LifeWorking™ exercises facilitated by a DrivenWoman Group Leader and forms a foundation for the work in LifeWorking™ groups.

“Lifeworking gave structure to setting goals but also allowed for self reflection on recognising your strengths through the Life Pyramid exercise. This gave our attendees confidence and made them think a little bit differently about how to shape their future.”
Natalie Clark, Royal Bank of Scotland