I’m continuing on my journey to rediscover my mojo. I’ve now learnt how to narrow down my steps, be more focused and have a closer view into what it is I’m trying to accomplish. Perhaps you can remember my last blog post, which was about changing my priorities and looking at the major areas in my life  that weighted on my persona.

My next step is to focus on the individuals and mentors that I have so candidly placed in my life without truly understanding why they were there and why have I given them the power to shape me. It’s too easy to let different characters push your life to various directions without you even noticing!

When I was younger I thought having as many friends around me as possible and sharing all of my inner thoughts and aspirations was a natural gift, and that the more people there was the merrier. But in my adult life it has became more of an hindrance than a positive tool. I found out that not everyone backed me the way I thought they would or even wanted to encourage me towards pursuing my dreams. I am not indicating that they did not care. It was that their ideas and goals where different from mine and their ability to see beyond the present was just where they were and that was fine for them but not for me.

Some may say I have achieved a lot. An Olympian, a Gladiator TV star , a business owner. But I want to maximise my potential and happiness in all areas and I should do so until I am 100 years old!

A quote from Alexander the Great.

“Surround yourself with people that are going to lift you higher.”

So with those words in my heart I have taken a massive step to categorise the people around me in accordance to where they fit in my life or whether or not they have any relevance at all. I now understand the role these different people play in my life and I’m changing my mentors.

Sounds harsh, but why surround yourself with nip pickers who constantly find holes in your dreams and put a dark cloud over everything. Or force friends to listen to topics that they have no interest in what so ever.

1.  The Social group

My going out buddies, the ones I just want to have fun with. Creating  a lighthearted environment is important too. Chilling out and having a light kind of conversation. These moments are important and relaxing in everyones life.

2. The Mothering group

Weather I like it or loath it, it is what it is. I am a mother with two incredible daughters. They have  a wonderful network of friends and their parents. Understanding the dynamics of this category is important as the majority of the time I spend with this group will be based on the topic of children. So it’s important to understand its place and not to expect wrong things out of it. And not to over kill or spend all my time here.

3. The Essential people

These people are the power houses that float my boat and build the creativity drug that I crave for. Here I chose to spend as much time as possible but I have to make sure I have chosen the right people who can help me to shape my world. They are here because I want them in my life. They have something to give and hopefully I have something to give them in return. I have chosen key people  who will shape the way I think, the way I act, and the way I approach my  life goals.  They are high achievers and are ready to push all barriers.

Having a clearer understanding on how to categorise the individuals in my life has cut out so much wasted energy and time and has allowed me to feel more focused on what I want to accomplish. I’m going to treasure this and not expect all the input from wrong set of people but to focus on those who can contribute most and with whom I can build a mutually benefiting relationship.

I have always had a clear understanding that every great person who was or will become successful is down to the company he or she keeps. The right set of people will make a definite impact in our lives.

A successful network of driven people around you will always provide both inspiration and healthy competition towards achieving your life goals.

Who are your key people to push you forward in life?

Stay true to yourself and find your support.


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Sunday, August 2nd, 2015

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