Change Awakens Your Unlived Parts

Much change has occurred lately on the global stage. It is instinctive to feel ‘on alert’ as we never know what will happen next it seems. We forget change is actually the norm in life but we don’t like it when things are out of our control and challenge our beliefs and way of life. So, how can we tend to inner change and keep ourselves on track?

When things go along steadily and we have our roles and defined characters, it is easy to get a bit lazy and, unlike children, who are natural explorers and like trying out new identities and activities, we let lie fallow and slumbering in unlived parts of us. With a crisis and when change is forced on us, we find these parts getting an airing and being used. They may not have done so otherwise! Often we look back and see meaning and value in that.

What unlived parts are surfacing in you now?

Like actors coming on stage with different costumes, we are actually growing and having the opportunity to be more whole. We are made of characters, stories and talents. However, many of us stick with the tried and true and observe others playing out the parts we don’t. As cycles in our lives move and cycles on the world stage move, we can allow latent skills and resources to surface. This past year has seen the need for this. It can keep us youthful as well.

Blaming the outside is never a good stance, but people who are finding new opportunities coming to them because of being open and accepting of new chapters in their lives and in history, and working with rather than against change, are finding this quite a magical time. It is a privilege in some ways to be alive now, and though we may feel awash with confusion at times, finding the inner compass and signals in the fog is very possible.

It is okay to not know.

That awareness gets us out of our own way and allows in higher guidance and serendipitous meetings and happenings. It is all too easy to use old mind sets and busyness when we are vulnerable to create more fogginess.

Can you be inventive with challenges now? Can you avoid complaining and being too impulsive? Can you instead invest wisely in your time and self to allow light into the cracks you observe in the structures around you?

It is the perfect opportunity to raise our consciousness to a higher, healthier level. Humour, kindness and the adventure of exploring meaning in our lives, allow us to be true observers and not judgers of life. Whatever we fight or hate tells us something we are allowing to inwardly imprison us, preventing free flow of love and acceptance of change.

The unlived parts of us want to be on a path of discovery this year. Let them take you to new places in your mind and heart, whilst the world is going through its upheavals and changes, and some lovely alignments will show up in your life. Move gracefully with time and your world.

~ Ysanne

Ysanne Lewis is a DrivenWoman member, astrologer, timing consultant and author of ‘The Time Catcher

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Sunday, March 5th, 2017

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