5 Strategies To Radically Transform Your Life – By Women Who Use ‘Lifeworking’ To Succeed

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Women who are able to move from feeling stuck to knowing what they want demonstrate five key strategies. 

At DrivenWoman we meet hundreds of women from all backgrounds with variety of goals and dreams. Many come to DrivenWoman because – no matter how successful their career has been so far – they’ve lost motivation, experience a feeling of confusion or lack of purpose. For many the old success definitions no longer ring true and they are looking to do something more meaningful and expand their life in different ways.

The main challenges women face are:

What do I really want out of life?

How do I want to live?

What is the work that gives me meaning and fulfilment beyond a monthly pay check?

Do I dare to step outside my comfort zone?

How do I get over fear of failure and fear of success?

What happens if my environment changes as my priorities shift?

Do I get support?

How can I shift from feeling I’m not enough to living an authentic life true to me?

Generally all women who attend our Lifeworking groups feel a positive shift in their lives. However, there are some women who are able to massively expand their lives and succeed beyond their own imagination, often moving up to a whole new level in a relatively short space of time.

Ncheta started Lifeworking 2 years ago in London. She describes her first steps: “ I love my job and the people I work with but over the last few years I’ve had a feeling of angst and restlessness, that there’s something else I should be doing to fill a void in my life.” (Read how she got started here).

She was working at a high level finance job within the ads industry and was happy with her career progression so far. However, something was missing and she was feeling anxious and was lacking motivation. After applying small steps and building courage with the Lifeworking formula, she launched her dream business ‘Zola Eve’, an ethical yoga wear brand that produces sustainable clothing from recycled plastics in the UK. “It took me time to build the courage to do what my heart was calling me to do for a long time.”

Marisa is a DrivenWoman member in Zurich. She was at a crossroads after having her second child. She wanted to return to work but “didn’t want to leave her kids at home for something average”. In this video she explains how quickly she was able to shift from feeling clueless about her direction to landing her dream job. Fast forward two years, she’s now a leading woman in AI in Switzerland and is preparing for her first TEDx talk.

The list is long, women are radically changing their lives using Lifeworking.

Lifeworking is a tool, and like any tool, it only works if applied correctly. So we wanted to see what those women are doing who get radical results in a short space of time and so gathered the five key strategies to answer the question: what do the exceptional women who use Lifeworking do to completely transform their lives? 

1) They keep showing up

Lifeworking is based on a structured process of working on your ‘bigger life’, it’s about showing up to your own goals and dreams. And showing up is often the hardest part. We all know deep down what we should do and if we listen carefully, we even know what we want. But it’s very easy to keep avoiding the call of your inner drive and to fill your life with other things to keep you busy.

Women who smash their goals and radically transform their lives using Lifeworking are the ones who always show up to the group meetings. They are the ones who are active in the community (on and off-line) and who never use excuses for not being there. They make sure they have babysitters lined up and they have informed their husbands about their schedule well in advance. They prioritise the work they do in the groups above everything else.

2) They work on their action points

The women who get massive pay rises (yes, there are few!), who raise substantial amounts of money for their start-ups (like Tiia Sammallahti, CEO for WhatCharity.com who raised £330,000), who repeatedly publish new books and do TEDx talks – they take their action points seriously.

DrivenWoman is based on always finding solutions and moving forward, even when you don’t know what you want or what the end outcome will be. Each month we write down five steps we are going to take before the next group meeting (or live webinar call at Doers Academy). Women who are able to make big shifts are not the ones who roll their regular to-do lists onto the My Action Sheet. The winning women very carefully work out each month where their true priorities are and dare to commit to steps outside their comfort zone. And then they go out and take immediate action!

3) They share their goals and progress

It’s absolutely ok to join the DrivenWoman journey as a passenger. Not everyone is ready to share and be vulnerable from the start. However, those women who make massive gains in their lives are not holding back. They are the ones who build courage to share their struggles as well as their triumphs. They engage in the Lifeworking process fully and understand that their value as a person is not damaged if they take on projects that don’t succeed or take steps to the wrong direction sometimes.

It’s all about building a growth mindset and an opportunity to learn. They amplify their learning by sharing with others and feel accountable to report back on their experiences and progress. That’s why they are able to move forward and recover from setbacks (we all have them) faster than others.

4) They take steps outside their comfort zone

The women who really move the dial are ready to let go of the perfection trap. They are constantly testing ideas and trying new things. They are returning to the monthly sessions and accountability webinars eager to share their experience of stepping outside the comfort zone time and time again feeling excited about the fact they have smashed their inner critic rather than doing something perfectly.

These women haven’t taken a magic bullet, rather they have accepted that moving forward will require a lot of trial and error if you are to radically transform your life.

5) They are fully present

One of the biggest obstacles for success appears to be this final point. Our inability to stay present with ourselves. Many women keep waiting for someone else to fix their problems or want their environment to change for them rather than accepting that they already have everything they need to start living their lives the way they want.

The women who quickly raise to the next level and achieve success on multiple ways (emotional, physical, spiritual, financial) are learning to stay present with the challenges they face and actively look for solutions. We see them engaging fully with the Lifeworking exercises and are always willing to look within themselves to find solutions. They don’t expect quick fixes or some guru to sort them out.

DrivenWoman’s Lifeworking formula has now been tested by thousands of women worldwide with amazing results over the past 5 years and it’s becoming a popular tool for ambitious women who want to discover what a ‘bigger life’ means for them and achieve their goals and dreams.

And now, we are super excited to announce, that we are opening our online membership making the Lifeworking method accessible to all women, wherever you are. 

For more details about our online membership programme click here.


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Thursday, November 1st, 2018

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