Women’s Empowerment — How To Create Change In A Very Positive Way

We’ve recently been celebrating 100 years of women’s right to vote. After #metoo came #timeisup and the women’s march, so rightfully year 2018 has been dubbed the year of the power shift for women.

When we think back it’s easy to recount feminism being about suffragettes and women burning bras or on angry women standing on barricades demanding equal pay. At DrivenWoman we are of course grateful for those who fought for our rights, but I’d like to stop and reflect what really is important for me – right now, going forward.

Let’s create a world free of judgement and compartmentalising.

I’m only interested in building a world where women, and men, can be true to who they are, their authentic nature. My wish is equally strong for both women and men.

I know that many women suffer from being labelled and categorised narrowly: a mother, a wife, a slut, a powerhouse, an angel. But I believe there are equal number of men who suffer growing up under society’s expectations: be always strong, be a real man, a macho, a big boss, not a softie!

As we women grow stronger within ourselves, and it is our responsibility to do that, we will be helping men to grow stronger in their own truth. When we allow ourselves to show both strength and vulnerability we give the same permission to the guys. As long as we hold on to the labels, so will the other sex.

I believe every human carries both feminine and masculine energy, to varying proportions. All of these mixes are unique and natural to each individual, and there’s no ‘right’ way to be. compassionate and intuitive or independent and analytical, the only ‘right’ way to be is to fulfil your own potential and share your brilliance with the world.

The fight is over. I much rather use my energy in being true to myself and expressing both my feminine and masculine side as it naturally emerges. I rather spend my time progressing my business than engaging in a battle.

We must look inside and ask “What do I want?” and then take immediate action. When you act from a position of opportunity and dreams, not from a position of a victim, you can advance equality straight away.

Most of us Western women live in a life situation where we can create our own opportunity. Rather than bashing men, I’m encouraging everyone to decide what small changes you call can do in your everyday lives to move towards your dreams, no matter what your circumstances or starting point.

When every woman fulfils her true potential, the world becomes equal.

Often these steps require difficult conversations, personal changes and always — stepping outside of our comfort zone. Therefore it’s much more tempting to blame someone else for our lack of life balance or equal pay, than to start making changes ourselves.

And change is hard, if you try to make it alone. Fear of exposure keeps many women firmly stuck in the daily struggle, a perfection trap where appearing ‘perfect’ becomes more important than admitting there’s more to life. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. And sharing experiences in a group is definitely a way to accelerate success.

My fellow driven sisters, my wish for 2018 is that we will be embracing the raising feminine power in the most positive possible way through supporting each other towards powerful self-expression and celebrating our talents. Let’s make things happen!

~ Miisa

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Sunday, February 11th, 2018

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