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Does this sound familiar? You apply the same approach of productivity, workload, thought process or creativity for every single day of the week expecting the same result and then feel disappointment if the day was ‘not that productive’.

Too often we try to master our lives with a blanket approach rather than reading the present moment. We are used to thinking that by ‘working hard’ we get the results we desire. It’s easy to forget that this kind of linear approach is far removed from nature’s order and the cycles we should be honouring.

When we adopt a more organic approach we can choose good timing for an easier and more productive life. Especially at life’s crossroads we get a push to realign and simply to connect with what really matters.

The present moment signals are often overlooked, to our detriment.

When we ignore these things we find ourselves exhausted and depleted, unable to carry on, often beating ourselves up for not doing better. We forget that this journey consists of cycles, it’s not at all linear, and once we start to appreciate life’s natural rhythm we can ease into her cycles.

Each cycle consists of growth, maturity and decline. Expansion, calm and contraction. Birth, mid-point and death. Spring, summer and autumn.

There are definite times in the day, a week, month, a year, a decade; personal to an individual or business, as well as generally, when the energies at our disposal are in flow and cooperation with new beginnings, events and personal growth. Equally there are times when we are meant to stop, reflect, clean up and let go.

Each time we ignore inner signs of our cycles we know we are out of alignment.

Each moment in time is unique. The meaningful coincidences, also called synchronicity, are immediately apparent when we get our timing ‘right’. Our physical and emotional energy increases and we become ‘magnets’ for positivity and connection. There is a hidden order of reality which can often surprise us and, especially when we make a heart centred decision or change course.

At DrivenWoman we may be ‘doers’ but it’s the decisions we make, with the right timing, that creates our ‘bigger life’.

When I was a little girl I loved going to the fun fair and there was a ride called ‘Magical Steps’. You had to climb quite normal looking vertical steps but when you were on it you soon noticed that the stairs were out of sync, both sides of the stairs moving in different directions and time. If you tried to run up you ended up mixing your legs so badly that you got nowhere, got exhausted or fell off entirely. The trick was to stay calm standing on one side of the stairs and wait for the other side to be in sync. It magically lifted you up!

When I think of my life’s rhythm I’m always trying to find the calm standing on those Magical Steps waiting for the other side to catch up and lift me up, rather than frantically scrambling for results leaving me exhausted.

Life is not linear. Life is cyclical. It’s your job to find your rhythm and learn to dance with it.

The concept of ‘rhythm’ is not that easy to grasp but when you come to think it, it’s silly that we even thought life could be any other way. We are all part of nature’s cycles and we are all connected, so why would different rules apply to people than to animals or nature?

When we start to align with our own rhythm we learn kindness and self-love, we apply compassion and learn that we don’t have to perform to our maximum at all times. When we start to trust our own rhythm we become aware of life’s leverage points, those moments when we have the ability to shift our personal success and impact to a completely different level very fast. This helps us to relax knowing that those moments don’t happen every day. It is our job to rest and build our resources during quiet times ready to step into opportunities when they arise.

Luck happens when preparation meets opportunity

Start raising your awareness about your rhythm by remembering the moments when you made choices and decisions out of sync. We all know deep down inside when we do it but often ignore the inner guidance. That inner guidance is your rhythm!

These moments may include trying to do creative work during the evening even when your best creative time is in the morning. Or starting new projects during the winter time even when your natural creative cycle is from spring to end of the year. Or not resting long enough and pushing yourself back to work after a major period of personal change.

Identify things you need to learn in order to live with more alignment and grace. Are you able to trust your journey in its entirety?

~ Miisa Mink, founder and chief-doer at DrivenWoman

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Thursday, August 20th, 2020

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