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Most people don’t believe anything is possible. Most people think people who think anything is possible are disillusioned dreamers or unrealistic lunatics at best.

Why? Because they use other people’s limited view based on bad experiences and earlier disappointments as a benchmark for what they think is possible.

Do you think other people know what is best for you? How could they possibly know? Have they lived your life? Has someone been inside of your head and heart to see what is in there?

If not, you shouldn’t listen to them.

A poor girl in India doesn’t think anything is possible. She might have great ideas, but she thinks she is in a pretty impossible situation so she only tries to survive. I give her a break as she is starting really very far behind the start line.

Hold on, what if she had or could acquire:

1) knowledge

2) connections

3) capital

Would her situation change?

It is almost a crime for a woman with ideas living in a Western free society not to pursue her passion.

Why? Because she can acquire:

1) knowledge

2) connections

3) capital

Or are you happy self-sensuring yourself, adjusting your thinking to what other people say is possible before you go and find out if their perception is the right one?

Do you think that if you do something you don’t enjoy it will eventually bring you what you want? Do you feel you have a duty you have to fulfil? (And carry the blanket of martyrdom because you did?)

Time passes. Maybe the riches will come. Maybe not.

Everyone is in charge of their own life and their own path. It’s your own choice if you want to limit yourself into other people’s expectations of what life can offer, or if you choose to shape your own reality.

People around you will not necessarily celebrate your passion, and they don’t have to. They have their own path to follow. And they may not be so supportive and tell you that you don’t have:

1) knowledge

2) connections

3) capital

to pursue your dreams.

They may be right – today. But they won’t be right tomorrow if you choose to change your world and work hard.

It has never before in the human history been easier to acquire:

1) knowledge

2) connections

3) capital.

Knowledge – what new skills do you have to learn now?

If you have a skill, a talent or a passion, you can learn other skills that are required to market and monetise those skills. It’s called working hard. The tools: books, internet, blogs, seminars, talks, magazines.. you name it! Have you checked out TEDTalks or Khan Academy. Don’t tell me you can’t learn absolutely everything these days. There is no limit to the sources of information. You think it takes too long? Tim Ferris is the master of learning any skill and teaches you how to learn new things very fast.

Connections – who are the people who are going to help you?

Can you talk? Okey, then there is no excuses. Even if your speech is not your greatest asset one can get far using email in these days! The big question is: can you help other people in some way? It doesn’t matter what your area of interest is, there is always a way to add value. Scott Dinsmore talks about ‘7 Pillars of Connectivity’. We also recommend Guy Kawasaki’s book ‘Enchantment‘ for learning how to create lasting likability. However, none of this matters if you don’t get out there and talk to people. Join a network of likeminded people (our personal favourite!), share your dreams and get inspired – and be inspiring. Create a list of 50 people who, in an idea world (that you will soon create), could help you. And then ask. See our earlier post on ‘5 Tips for the Art of Asking‘. Just remember that creating connections is a two way street!

Capital – do you need money to make your dream come true?

We can talk about money on personal level or on a business level. Either way, you have to start making smart, active choices to increase your personal wealth that will allow you the lifestyle you want. (We will return to the topic of creating personal wealth in more detail later.) To fund a dream, there are possibly as many alternative ways to do it as there are dreams. You want to walk around the globe – try sponsorships linked to publicity. Want to fund a start-up – financial options range from friends & family financing to crowdfunding (we love this infographic on different sorts of crowdfunding.. there are 22 options in this graph!). Or plan on becoming an internet gazillionare – tips for talking to Silicon Valley venture capitalists can be found in a favourite blog from Mark Suster. (We recommend this blog even if your plans are a little more moderate.)

We believe it is our human right to start defining our own future. It’s almost an insult to the poor little Indian girl who have no opportunity if we waste ours!

Join us in our journey to learn absolutely everything we need to learn (and there is tons and tons of it!!), to connect with as many interesting, exciting and helpful people as possible and find the money we need to fund our mission to help other women to do exactly that.

Did we accidentally invent a perpetual motion machine? Oh well, it was always our dream to be nominated for the most innovative companies list :).

~ Miisa

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Friday, August 30th, 2013

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