There Is No Magic Pill To Personal Success, Here’s What Great Leaders Do Instead

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Many women keep waiting.  Waiting for their luck to change, their environment to improve or to suddenly discover the secret to success from some guru.  There’s a lot of self-help, personal improvement and success advice out there. Anyone can give you a piece of paper with ten points to success. You can attend a seminar and get all excited and inspired about how someone else became successful (and this is very useful inspiration, of course). But there is no magic pill.

There’s no single tool or method that will give you the answers.

You know what you rarely see? The greatest entrepreneurs, leaders, and innovators speaking about shortcuts. They don’t talk about the easy street to success because they know it doesn’t exist.

Jackie was a reluctant DrivenWoman participant at the start. She’d be late for the group meetings or sometimes skip them altogether. She didn’t take part in the webinars or take part in the accountability challenges. She saw very little results for being a member.

Then one day she realised she could use these sessions as a tool to manifest her commitment to her goals. She changed her mindset from wanting the method to deliver her something and instead saw the opportunity to use the 2-hours a month with DrivenWoman as her window of opportunity to progress her dreams. Immediately she started to see real change.

The only way to success is to commit to doing the work yourself.

People feel better blaming the method, the tools and the overall life’s circumstances. ‘My everyday life is so busy! The tools are wrong and they don’t work for me! I picked a lousy course/seminar/book/blog/coach/retreat/podcast.’  When you believe in the “magic pill,” you spend your time and effort looking for something you think will work. 

It’s easier to feel disappointed than to do the work.

A better approach? Trust in yourself and put in the work.  At the end of the day it’s about showing up to your own dreams and doing the work what matters. You can use any method or tool, or none, but only by showing up, being present and doing the work will you succeed.

And that’s what DrivenWoman offers, a structure to work on your own answers, month after month. This method suits many women because it’s repetitive and simple, and easy to fit into busy everyday schedules. The reason our members see change can partly be contributed to our LifeWorking method, but their success is really down to the discipline and consistent work to improve themselves.

It doesn’t matter what tools you use – the responsibility for finding success is with the seeker. And how could any method or course offer the answers anyway, we all have a different definition of success! The sooner we choose our method, roll up our sleeves and get to work, the sooner the answers will come. 

Jackie said: “I’m so motivated, DrivenWoman has put me in a completely different mind-set. I come because I see change.

What structures do you use to help you to stick to your goals? 

DrivenWoman is an accountability club that helps ambitious women to achieve their goals and dreams by creating positive habits one step at a time. Thousands of women around the world have joined our program and are achieving their life goals, which range from entrepreneurial dreams to career change or simply being more confident in their own skin and enjoying life in the present moment.

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DrivenWoman is an empowerment program for ambitious women who want to achieve their dreams and goals fast.

Join our free community the Doers Tribe.

Thursday, August 1st, 2019

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