The Importance Of Moving Forward

I am 48 years old and I finally feel like I have an opportunity to do something for me.  I have been struggling for the last few years trying to determine what exactly is the definition of growth, my goal setting, intention, and – my purpose.

I can finally say I think I now get it. I joined DrivenWoman 18 months ago and through the groups’ support, networking and inspiration I have been able to consciously realise the meaning of motion forward in my life.

Early this past July I received an email from DrivenWoman offering a ticket to attend the Woman’s Achievement Conference in London.  One of the featured speakers was Kim Kiyosaki, property investor and author. I heard her message loud and clear.

Motion forward in life is growth, but we must keep moving through the ups and downs, the negative and positive.

My journey really started gaining momentum when I joined the DrivenWoman group in 2014.  I was trying to move my life forward out of an unhealthy relationship of 20 years to start a fresh beginning for my four children and myself.  It was a courageous step for me to join the DrivenWoman Group and that has given me the strength to move through all my negative and positive encounters.

Having that strength was what was most reassuring to me as I was able to embrace the negativity, walk through it, learn and move on.

All with the intention to achieve my goal.

Attending the Women’s Achievement Conference and hearing Kim Kiyosaki speak on the importance of motion in one’s life was a definite “aha” moment for me.

The movement towards my desired goal must be my primary focus. I do not have to identify my life’s purpose and in fact my ‘purpose’ can change through the course of moving towards my goal.

The desire and the intention to attain my goal will inevitably fulfil my purpose.

“By living a conscious desire to move towards a goal, both positive and negative side effects are encountered”, as Kim stressed in her speech, “these essentially become the main effects.

It was a brilliant, bright warm sunny day and I heard Kim’s message loud and clear.

“Nothing happens unless you move.” Keep moving forward through your lives and embrace the side effects as the main effects of your life’s journey.  It will get you what you want.

As long as I am aware of my values, my motion will create a life living my purpose.

I wish you a week with forward motion.



Kathleen King is a DrivenWoman member and a founder of KZK Jewellery.

DrivenWoman is an empowerment program for ambitious women who want to achieve their dreams and goals fast.

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Sunday, August 30th, 2015

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