It’s time to tap into your feminine intuition

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Do you feel you used to have a clear playbook for your life and career and it has all been torn into pieces? The future feels uncertain to say the least, yet all the changes of this incredible year have opened up plenty of opportunities and ways to relook at our lives with a new lens. In times of disruption when life’s fundamentals have been thrown into question you may be wondering what will be the new guiding principle.

Where a year ago you may have felt in control of your future there’s a completely new kind of uncertainty that is facing us all. But the feeling is not daunting or fearful, it’s full of excitement and hope for many.

Where we used to see certainty we now view into the unknown.

Where we used to follow a ready made path we now find ourselves at crossroads with a thousand different avenues to choose from. Many of you are asking, “How can I choose?” “How do I know which way to go?”

The world is asking us to adopt completely new ways going forward and to tap into our feminine side and our intuition. This is something new and perhaps scary for many as we are so used to predetermine our life’s options with logic. This logic has given us false security luring us thinking we have it all figured out and can control the outcome. We couldn’t back then, and we certainly can’t now.

The feminine is deeply connected to the cycles of life and the unknown.

Life itself is not logical but part of the overall chaos of the Universe. The feminine wisdom stems from the ‘unknown’ and can be felt in the whole body rather than within the limited ‘logic’ of the brain. 

We used to be laughed at when we said that ‘our gut feeling’ tells us to do things in a certain way. The world had been build on logic, control and hierarchy – dominant masculine organising principles. We all learned to worship logic over intuition. Our connection to the way the Universe works in its natural flow was all but lost. We were taught never to trust the unknown. 

What if we accepted our journey as a part of a greater whole?

This year has shown us how unpredictable the world is. We used to be able to blame someone for our misfortunes. In a system based on logic and hierarchy there was always someone above us to tell us what to do and if things went wrong we could point fingers at them. 

We are now leaving an era that was based on control and hierarchy and entering a time where everyone is in charge of the greater whole. We are all cells in a larger operation, all connected and carrying the greater wisdom of the whole. This calls us to do our part and to trust our knowledge, our deeper knowing.

It is the feminine that connects us to life, to that greater knowing and we have all that information at our disposal any time we choose to listen rather than busy ourselves pleasing our ego with external pressures. This time calls us to tap into our feminine side and bring out our intuition.

In the world where structures are falling around us and you can no longer follow the old, controlling path, the only way forward is to learn to trust your feminine intuition.

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Wednesday, December 23rd, 2020

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