I Started My Own Business With No Clue What I Was Doing

Back in November 2011, I started my own blog, Live Healthy Simply. I had no clue at all what I was doing and didn’t tell anyone about it for about three months.

What would people think? Would they judge me based on the pictures and stories I was sharing? Surely, I couldn’t be a good enough writer or photographer to have fans. I even considered never sharing it with anyone!

Over time though, I relaxed a bit and shared it with friends and family. Everyone was incredibly supportive, and to my surprise, they shared it with their friends, who shared it with their friends.

My audience started growing, and once I hit 1,000 unique visitors daily, I knew I had a true hit on my hands.

At the time, I had a full time job and I was working on the blog on nights and weekends. Although it was popular, that wasn’t translating into income at all.

As I continued growing my following, I learned everything I could about business models that make blogs financially successful. And eventually, I started making a nice profit for all of my hard work.

While it felt as though I was working two jobs, I soon would be working three.

See, other friends and bloggers started coming to me, asking for advice on how to make their websites successful too. They had seen what I had done with Live Healthy Simply and they wanted to know my secrets.

The truth was that I didn’t have secrets.

But I did work really hard and kept my standards high, making sure everything I posted was a beautiful reflection of my brand.

So I started coaching friends and bloggers on how to grow their websites’ audiences and turn them profitable, and I found my true love. Coaching was a revelation for me. I loved making a difference in other women’s lives.

One of the best parts about coaching was that I could continue blogging and writing, only I started doing so about my new coaching business, rather than healthy living. In fact, I was writing more than I ever did as a blogger!

Within six months of starting to coach women on their online businesses, I was earning enough money that I knew I would soon be able to quit my day job.

For the second time, though, I questioned myself. Could I really earn a living working on my own? Why would anyone choose to work with me when there are a ton of coaches out there?

For the second time, I ignored those nagging questions in my head. I took a leap of faith, hired a business coach, and shortly after, quit my corporate job. Within a few months of that, I had eclipsed my former salary and was soon earning more money than I ever had before.

What I realised after doubting myself but doing it anyway was that fear was getting in the way of going after my dreams.

I was keeping my plans and even my life on hold, afraid of making a mistake or a wrong decision.

Fear was the reason I stayed in my day job way longer than I needed to. It’s the reason thousands of women put off starting their own businesses and making the leap. I know now how wrong I was. Not only did my dreams and plans come true, they surpassed my wildest imagination!

So if you’re thinking about taking a big step for your career, I have a little advice based on my own experience. Get out of your own way.

Make the leap. Take a chance. Make the call. Decide. Commit. Show up for yourself.

What are you missing out on if you don’t take a chance and at least try?

~ Jessica


This is a guest post from Jessica Nazarali, the coach who inspires women create coaching businesses and build beautiful, personal brands. Find out more JessicaNazarali.com.

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Sunday, April 5th, 2015

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