How To Use Your Own Sources of Power To Achieve Your Goals Faster

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The aim in life should not only be to reach our goals but to find calmness and satisfaction in the way we show up every day and the way we take the steps that lead us to a bigger life. Too often we rush around unnecessarily, exhausting ourselves and end up feeling deflated and on the wrong path. When we learn to trust that we always have what we need we start tapping into our natural resources of power. Step by step we can build our ability and courage to show up to our lives fully.

You are an enormous resource of creativity, ideas, compassion, kindness and connectivity. Many of us live our lives never really connecting with the sources of power that we carry naturally within us. When you become aware of the different types of power you have access to and how to cultivate them you learn to tap into the pools of energy and wisdom when needed.

When you feel physically strong you can show up with presence and confidence. When you feel emotionally strong you can take on difficult conversations and step out of your comfort zone. And when you are ready to tap into your spiritual power you start to trust your inner guidance.

Discover the different types of power and how to put them into use and reach your goals smoother and faster.

Raise awareness of the situations when you feel powerful

What makes you excited? What makes you feel like you could conquer the world? Become aware of the moments when you have access to your power resources and start cultivating and nurturing them as if they were the engine that pushes you forwards.

We can only get excited about life’s opportunities when we are connected to our own power sources. If you show up tired, confused and fearful you will not have the ability to believe life has something exciting in store for you.

Source of power: physical energy

You may have experienced a period of illness,  it’s difficult to get back on track when you’ve been knocked out physically. It takes time to build up your physical strength and energy and until you do, there’s no point in trying to push yourself to take on new challenges. Overtime we can build up our muscles and our physical stamina. The latin phrase Mens sana in corpore sano “a healthy mind in a healthy body” is true. When you feel healthy, strong and rested each day you find the power to show up with courage.

Source of power: emotional energy

We have all experienced moments of loss and rejection which may have momentarily depleted our power sources. Pay attention to where you are now? Are you connected to your emotions or are you fearful to fully experience them?

Emotional power is available to those who are able to deal with both positive and negative emotions. You can’t cut out the negative emotions as you will automatically lose the experience of the positive emotions and will not be able to access your full emotional power.

Source of power: spiritual energy

Many women have never considered they have a third source of power – spiritual power. It might sounds a bit woo woo but you are missing out on your real super powers if you aren’t nurturing your spiritual powers!

Think about your spiritual power as your connection to the greater mosaic of the Universe. Every living creature is born with information about its purpose. The sea turtle will eventually take on the tremendous task of swimming across the ocean to the beach she was born to lay her eggs.  How does she knows the way?  You have the same ability to know where to go and what to do. The purpose of your journey is carried within you every moment of every day. That is your spiritual power source. All you have to do is to learn to tune in and listen. How are you caring for your spiritual power?

Use your power when it matters the most

Now consider this. You have worked hard for a project that you love. It’s important for you that it goes well both technically and financially. Then on the day of the presentation you feel out of sorts. You didn’t sleep well, you feel more nervous than usual and have lost hope in your abilities to make a good impression. When you step into the room you almost faint and all you want to do is to hide. Your voice comes out weak and insecure.

This scenario could be so different. You could show up full of energy and have a great presence because you feel energetic and healthy. You feel emotionally strong, there’s nothing these people can ask that will intimate you or make you doubt yourself. You know you are doing what you are meant to do because you are in touch with your inner truth and you trust your journey.

Life is full of interactions like this, big and small. In fact every day you have the chance to show up in good energy or feel miserable. This doesn’t mean you should fake positivity, but it means we should focus on building our sources of power and reduce the amount of work and running around we do.

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Wednesday, May 27th, 2020

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