How To Spot Your Big Opportunity

We all have heard a story about someone who was lucky to be at the right place at the right time, who then became wildly successful. Surely her success can be explained, she spotted an opportunity and she was prepared – in other words – she was extremely lucky! Are these people special or is it possible that anyone can learn how to spot your big opportunity?

I’m writing this on a flight from Singapore to Sydney, on my way to Auckland. If you told me a year or two ago I’d be on this flight I wouldn’t have believed you. Writing this, I’ve just helped Sanna to launch DrivenWoman in Singapore and I’m on my way to help Mandy to launch our concept in New Zealand.

Last spring Mandy asked me if she could bring DrivenWoman to New Zealand and of course I agreed. I wanted to support her and now I’m on my way to the other side of the world.

Has Mandy spotted her big opportunity for success?

Launching something new successfully, no matter how much tested in another market, is always uncertain. There are no guarantees for Mandy that DrivenWoman will be the success she wants it to be. Success will depend on many variables, many of which will be outside of her control. And she will have to embrace uncertainty on a big scale.

You may be able to spot an opportunity, but unless you can embrace uncertainty you are unable to turn it into a success.

Possibility turns into an opportunity only if you act on it.

Opportunities present themselves to us all the time. But all opportunities are only ‘possibilities’ until we act on them.

We are normally too busy with our mundane daily stuff, ticking boxes off the to-do list or running around like headless chickens to spot them. You may spot an opportunity but deep down feel fearful to act on it. Most opportunities involve action outside of your comfort zone. Therefore it’s much easier to let these situations and ideas to stay as possibilities rather than turn them into opportunities. They evaporate before turning into anything concrete and thus you don’t have to risk failure. Doing nothing is the best way to avoid an opportunity!

Mandy initially asked me about taking DrivenWoman to New Zealand. It was her action that started to turn possibility into an opportunity. She later had fears as she realised she had to embrace uncertainty, but didn’t let that feeling to stop her pursuing an exciting, new path.

I believe it was because she was authentically connecting with this opportunity.

Possibility turns into an opportunity when it’s aligned with your authentic self.

You have to know yourself well to spot an opportunity that is right for you. Many times we jump on a seemingly great situation only to please our ego. Those opportunities can be short lived as they are not feeding your soul or your true aspirations. Spend time discovering what you are truly passionate about, what are your bigger life goals, what are you most happy doing and how do you want to make a difference.

Opening a DrivenWoman group doesn’t represent an opportunity for everyone.

If you look at this concept only from a view point of making money, for instance, then it is not for you. There are much more certain and faster ways to make extra income. But if the values and the mission of helping women embrace their dreams and create a platform for success and personal growth accessible to many is aligned with your authentic self, then this could be for you.

It takes a lot of stamina and long-term commitment to turn an opportunity into success, so you should only pursue chances that you connect with authentically.

Life is what you make of it

The example of starting a DrivenWoman group is just one in millions of opportunities that can present itself to you every day. Even for Mandy, this can be a huge opportunity or a great disappointment. At this point, 3.5 years into building DrivenWoman, we simply don’t know if our Lifeworking groups will be the best thing after sliced bread!

Our vision surely is to turn DrivenWoman into a global ecosystem creating abundance and joy to everyone we come in contact with. At the end of the day it will be down to me, Mandy, Sanna and all the wonderful women who have decided to seize this opportunity and make their authentic contribution to make it into the success it could become.

And one thing I know to be sure from a personal experience. If something exciting is calling your name, go and check it out. It’s the only way to learn how to spot your big opportunity!

~ Miisa


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Monday, October 10th, 2016

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