How To Set Goals That Don’t Overwhelm Or Exhaust You

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Many people mistake a goal as something that will make you run around busy and will eventually burn you out. Striving for something can be seen as negative through the lens of today’s overhyped achievement culture. At DrivenWoman we talk a lot about setting and achieving goals and taking small steps to create a bigger life. So then, what makes ‘good goals’?

Let’s start by understanding what the word ‘goal’ actually means. 

“Goal is the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.”

Society focused on external goals, power and material achievement, has defined ‘goals’ in a very narrow way. The goal itself can and should be a tool for you to become who you are and manifest the way you want to live.

Typically, goals we associate with ‘achievement’ are for external validation of our success, such as monetary or career goals. You want to earn $100,000 this year. Or your goal could be to get a promotion or build a successful business. When you break that down you’ll end up with thousands of tiny mini-actions that will eventually help you to achieve your goal.

But what if ‘goals’ could also be applied to our internal world and wellbeing (not only weight loss and how we look!).

Set goals that align with the way you want to live

Goals are as good as the mindset you are in when you set them. When I wanted to create space to become more aligned with my purpose I set a goal: never to be busy in my life again. And my action points become very freeing: allow 10 minutes to get out of the house in the morning, make time for 15 minutes meditation 5 times a week, go for a forest walk at least once a week.

Would you be happy with the following goals?

Peace of mind.

Confidence to be authentically you.

Feeling fulfilled at work. 

Making a positive impact on the planet.

Raising your awareness and living purposefully.

You are free to redefine what success means to you and specify what kind of action points will help you succeed.

Your action points then become things like…

Do less.


Take a break.

Walk in the forest.

Listen to intuition.

Make space.

Worry less.

Don’t judge.

Be kind to self.

Say ‘no’ to things that don’t bring joy.

Everything you deliberately choose to do – or not to do – with full awareness are goals and action points worth pursuing. 

Next time you define your goals, take a moment to write down two columns: one for external goals and another one for internal goals.

How do you want to feel? Are you looking for a deeper connection within yourself? What kind of non-action points will help you get there?

Have you already defined how you want to live and what your bigger (or smaller) life looks like? If not, DrivenWoman helps you to do just that, and then put those meaningful plans into action. Our online membership DrivenWoman Academy is now open for new members.

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Tuesday, September 10th, 2019

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