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My plan is to live 100 years. I’ve been saying that for a while now. It first started half-jokingly but I’m getting more serious about my goal now and have started to think what implications my manifesto brings to my everyday life. How should I live now to reach such age happy and healthy?

I believe it’s good to state your intentions publicly as it makes you more committed to your goals and you kind of have to take your own plans more seriously.  I know I can’t possibly decide my destiny and many life events are totally beyond my control. So weather I get to live to even near 100 is ultimately not going to be my choice. But I like the ambition and the spirit my statement captures.

But saying such things out loud has had very positive implications. I’ve started thinking what could I actually do, what kind of habits should I create to live to 100. And slowly, my thoughts are transforming into actions.

I came across an article on Guardian yesterday how photographer David Bailey captured the faces of nine centenarians. This inspired me to write down a couple of observations how my manifesto is being transformed into daily thoughts and actions.

Stay young

My aim is to stay young. No, I’m not even slightly interested in Renee Zellweger -type of plastic surgery or over dosing on botox. As Yves Saint-Laurent said, “The most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy.”

And here’s a quote from Jerry Hall: “The real elixir of youth is happiness”.

jerry hall

The body will age, no matter what, but I can always stay young in my mind if I choose to. To stay youthful is to live passionately and remain curious, interested and excited about life. I intend to keep learning and fearlessly trying new things.

Brush away old thought patterns

I’ve always enjoyed reading fashion magazines but didn’t have the time. Now that I’m building a fashion jewellery business spending time leafing through ‘Look‘ or ‘Grazia‘ is not only great fun but also part of the business. I catch myself looking at the latest trends on young women and think ‘Could I wear that?‘ But then I do nothing about it and give myself an excuse not to even investigate the matter further simply thinking ‘It probably wouldn’t work anyway‘.

If I’m to live to 100 I better start changing that thought pattern! If I catch myself being held back by a limiting thought I’m going to analyse it and change it. I believe most of these limiting inside thoughts aren’t even ours. They are planted into our subconscious mind by society and people around us.

And why should I be afraid? I don’t really have to change my whole wardrobe completely. It’s about trying things out and not take myself too seriously. So, I’m simply going to head down to Top Shop and have some fun.

Love my body

Looking at my toes made me smile this morning during my morning yoga. This sounds so Hollywood, but I can guarantee you that my Down Facing Dog is more like an old cow! I’m stiff as a log. But I don’t mind. My morning ritual of stretching is not about perfection. I try to do at least a little bit (minimum 10 minutes, ideally 20 minutes) as I firmly believe that doing something for my body is better than doing nothing.

When I feel like skipping the exercise I remember my new goal, to live to a 100. That brings me right back to reality. I need to love and take care of my body if I’m expecting it to carry me for another 56 years!

Big goals, however realistic or unrealistic, can be very powerful if you are able to translate them into new ideas and thoughts to occupy your mind. It’s surprising how they will slowly transform into action and new habits that can soon change everyday reality.

~ Miisa

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Sunday, November 2nd, 2014

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