How To Become Your Own Guru

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We are living in an age of fast change. The landscape for work is shifting as women no longer settle for choosing between career and family. Women are starting businesses at a record rate and growth of flexible working arrangements is allowing more women and men to combine an ambitious career with family life.

Whether you are starting a business, moving to freelance or re-arranging your career to better suit your lifestyle you are likely to be faced with a multitude of changes and challenges. It’s then only natural to look for role models and teachers to guide you.

We meet thousands of women in our community who are at a crossroads, looking for direction. 

“Moving forward is not my problem. Moving in the right direction is. I need help with putting my energy in the right direction.” one woman sums up where she is right now.

The most common question we get asked is: what direction should I go?

We see women signing up to courses and paying crazy sums to find their direction. There’s a lot of appetite for personal development products, which is, of course, great, as we all need fuel to move forward. However, you can spend endless hours watching videos, attending seminars and reading books yet feeling as confused as you were at the start.

Women are carrying all the answers they are searching for inside themselves.

It’s time we women start becoming our very own gurus. It’s time we accept the responsibility for our journeys. We need teachers and support, but the faster we start owning the path we are on the faster the answers will come.

But where to start? You may ask. How to become your own guru when you don’t know where you are heading?

1. Take a small step

No matter how clueless you feel today, you have some insight and idea of what is not working and what excites you. Stop and listen to the voice of excitement. Don’t think about your end goal, simply commit to your first step to the direction that brings you the most joy in your heart. Take that step now.

2. Find teachers, not gurus

Surround yourself with people who have walked the path, who have faced obstacles and found their way. You find them online, in books, videos or in networks. Don’t do what they do. They will not have the answers for you, but you can learn from them and then seek to apply those teachings in your own life.

3. Show up

No exercise video will build your muscles. Equally, no self-help book or course will give you the answers you are looking for. Commit to your ‘training’ and show up every day. Take a small step every day. And find a framework and a support network that will keep you showing up and accountable! 

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Thursday, February 21st, 2019

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