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Back in 2014, I made the decision to start my own travel blog Wegoplaces.me. At the time, I was working in the digital marketing field and looking to create something of my own. So I registered a domain and starting writing articles about London and any excursions I took outside of the capital. It was simply a pleasure project, something I wanted to do for fun.

What was once getting a few hits a day has now become a website that is generating 30,000 visits a month. Many DrivenWoman readers are contemplating on starting a blog so Miisa kindly asked me to share with all of you the reasons why I write and started a blog.

1. By creating something new I am impacting the world around me.

It’s exciting to get feedback from visitors about a beautiful walk they have taken because they visited my page about countryside walks. I love thinking that though creating I have actually inspired someone’s day in a positive way.

2. It is something I always wanted to do.

In my professional life, I have worked on countless websites for companies and I have always wanted to have something that is my own. There is a big difference between saying and doing. I was sick of saying I was interested in having a blog and needed to do it. The power is in the doing and not the talking.

3. It is a healing thing to do when life is difficult.

Let’s be honest – life is hard sometimes and it’s great to have something to focus on when things get difficult. Writing has almost become a meditative flow to keep me present, focused and calm. When you concentrate on something you love doing you can be fully at peace.

4. It helps me to remember great memories.

My posts are a way for me to remember great times I have had travelling to new places. It’s almost a photo book to reflect on when I want to reminisce. And that in itself is rewarding.

5. It has made me a more organised person.

My love for writing has made me surpass trying to make time for it each day and instead creating a more structured approach. I schedule time aside and create a schedule for articles. This helps honour my creativity and manage my time effectively. By doing this I have become more productive also in other areas of my life.

6. I love thinking creativity.

I really enjoy thinking about what to write next, how to say something or solve someone’s problem through a post. I enjoy thinking about the storytelling aspect of the web and how to transform a post into an experience for visitors.

7. It helps me grow professionally.

As mentioned, I work with websites in my professional life and having something of my own gives me a place to experiment and grow. It will hopefully help open more avenues for me in the future.

Stop thinking and start doing. The more you think about where you want to go the farther away you will get. Is there something you have been talking about doing for years?

I encourage you to take action.

Start that project you have always been talking about today. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

~ Amy


Amy Pritchett is a writer for Wegoplaces.me, a travel blog focusing on UK walks, holidays and adventures.



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Sunday, June 11th, 2017

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