7 Questions To Ask Yourself When Choosing Your Inner Circle Of Women Who Want You To Win

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What is the fastest way to move from feeling stuck to pursuing your goals and your dreams? Surround yourself with people who are already doing exciting things.

A recent study found that women need other women to succeed

“It’s those female-dominated inner circles that really help women gain gender-specific information that can help them get ahead in the male-dominated job market.”

This positive effect of female only circles doesn’t just apply for high flying jobs. Women need their tribe to succeed at any level and this is not a weakness. We thrive together and we need soul-level, honest connections to move through life with ease.

So why do so many women stay stuck, trying to start new careers alone? 

In a patriarchal environment women have traditionally seen each other as competitors. We’ve been competing for the love and attention of the dominant males, whether as our bosses or husbands.

In the university we talked about someone as being a ‘good husband material’ or that someone’s a ‘great catch’, like our survival would be dependent on finding a guy. (Well it used to, but not anymore.)

At the workplace, we’d compete for the limelight and the attention of our male bosses because the keys to promotion and advancement were in their hands. Backstabbing and ‘steel heals’ were commonplace as women adopted masculine ways to get ahead.

This mindset is luckily quickly disappearing as women have discovered their inner power and connectedness to other women. We are slowly realising that separating women from each other was actually an ancient patriarchal strategy to keep women weak and easy to control. When we get together and find our power we become unstoppable!

Who wouldn’t want a woman to flourish, use her talents and live lives of joy and meaning?

Sisters, it’s time to surround yourself with other women with whom you can find a deep connection and who can help you create the kind of life you have been dreaming of.

Questions to ask yourself to find a tribe that will help you succeed:

Do you trust your INNER circle of women?

It’s very important you surround yourself with women who you can trust 100% and share your worries, struggles and emotions with and show vulnerability without shame.

Is your circle helping you to think in new ways and expand your mindset?

Surrounding yourself with women beyond your comfort zone will help you grow and expand. If you are a mum, find a group that is not defined only by motherhood. If you are in a legal/marketing/tech/.. profession, find a group that’s not industry specific.

Are people in your network positively interested and supportive of your ideas?

If your closest people are always criticising and judging your thoughts you will soon start to believe them and your self-worth plummets. Being supportive doesn’t mean being fluffy. A good circle will help you critically evaluate and develop your ideas but doesn’t shoot you down just for the sake of it. 

Do you regularly meet with women WHO push you forward?

We all need mirrors in our lives, people who call you out when you are not honest to yourself.

Are women in your circle supportive or is everything a competition?

The times for backstabbing are over. Move on and find women who are genuinely happy when you succeed!

Do women close to you have dreams and ambitions?

Surround yourself with people who are going to make life exciting, women who push forward with their goals and get over obstacles. Positivity and drive are contagious!

Are women in your tribe going to show up for you?

So you started in your new job, launched a business or think of starting a side project. You need people who will show up for you, people who will buy your product even when they don’t need it, come to your exhibition even when they don’t care about art, and show up to your first event even when it’s Friday night and they’d really rather be doing something with their kids.

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Thursday, February 7th, 2019

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