11 Most Successful Strategies For Women Who Want To Make Tangible Improvements To Their Lives This Year

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January is our favourite time of the year. It’s the time for renewal, building courage and letting go of the things that didn’t serve us last year. We don’t make New Year’s resolutions but commit to making our lives more authentic and our steps more meaningful each year and over time this has brought us and our member great results in the form of abundance (wealth, health, happiness) and fulfillment (purpose, passion, meaning).

Thousands of women have taken part in our workshops and Lifeworking groups around the world so it is safe to say we know a thing or two about making lasting changes and working towards living the life that feels truly ours. Personal development and self-improvement matters!

We put together this list of 11 most successful strategies for women who want to make tangible improvements to their lives this year.

1. Set clear goals and review them

It’s important to set targets. They help you focus and prioritise your time.  In our Lifeworking groups, women review their goals once a month. This is crucial as your targets are likely to change over the year. Evaluate if the signposts you set in January are still relevant in June. (And here’s a guide how to set goals if you don’t know what you want.)

2. Share your goals with others

Research shows that people who regularly write down their goals, share them with others and become accountable to them are much more likely to reach them. Don’t let shame hold you back! It’s ok if you don’t reach your goals exactly as you envisioned. Making progress every day is valuable in itself.

3. Have a reality check

Are your goals authentic for you or something you think you should achieve? We sometimes pick goals based on the expectations of others. Try to answer the question: What is really important for me?

4. Spend some time

Women who successfully transform their lives work on establishing daily habits that support their goals. Allocate small slots of time on a regular basis to build yourself up: 15 minutes every day for doing sports, reading and healthy eating. Make these your priorities, your ‘non-negotiables‘ and don’t let other people’s priorities push you off track.

5. Let go

You can’t keep adding new things to your schedule if you don’t clean out and make room for your dreams. It’s time to clear out negativity in your life. We women spend generally way too much time in managing the emotions and actions of others. Let go of the need to control everything. This frees up a huge chunk of energy for working on our own emotions and actions. 

6. Soul time

How can we live more soulfully if we never spend any time with ourselves? If you want to follow your heart and find your calling in life it’s time to spend more alone time. Allow your deepest desires to emerge and allocate regular time for simply ‘being’ – walks in the forest, meditation and journaling.

7. Pick a key theme

Pick a theme or two for the year. What areas in your life do you want to focus on? Is this the year when you learn to say ‘no’? Or perhaps this is the year when you try new things and say ‘yes’ to things that scare you? Pick a word like ‘courage’ or ‘stepping out of comfort zone‘ or ‘integrity’ and let it guide you through the year.

8. Take small steps

Success is much more about small, consistent steps than big, crazy leaps of faith. Every now and again a little push is required, but generally, the women who succeed on a big scale (read more in our Hall Of Fame) are the ones who have been 100% committed to the process and trust their journey every day.

9. Help others

In order to open yourself up to success, you must open your emotions and your ‘energy’ to the positive connections around you. Surround yourself with a supportive tribe and be fully part of it. Women who succeed are the ones who offer help without asking for a reward. They know it’s like planting seeds. Their positivity will grow and one day they will receive help from others with the same ease as they are giving it.

10. Celebrate

Another way to build positivity and good vibes is to celebrate your small wins. Good vibes always attract more success and soon you will start a snowball effect of success and abundance!

11. Start now

Women who knock the cover of the ball are the ones who stop over analysing and procrastinating over their ideas and goals and simply start. Try to think of the smallest possible step you can take NOW that involves no risk. And do it immediately. 

Good luck to 2019!

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Monday, December 31st, 2018

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