At DrivenWoman we help ambitious women achieve their goals and dreams fast.  Our proven LifeWorking™ framework helps women in corporations to build their confidence and self belief, leading to longer, more fulfilling careers.

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Be an employer of choice for ambitious women

Support diversity & inclusion at all levels of your organization.

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Liberate an effective female workforce

Help women manage their lives holistically and thrive.

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Retain women in leadership positions

Increased confidence leads to more women putting themselves forward for career opportunities.


Various studies show that while men often overestimate their abilities and performance, women tend to underestimate what they can do. Men apply for a job when they meet only 60% of the qualifications, but women only apply if they meet 100% of the criteria.

The paradox is that striving to be perfect stops women from putting themselves forward and sharing their full potential in all aspects of their work and career.

When women feel unsure they are known to avoid taking risks or making mistakes, which are essential actions to building confidence. This creates a vicious cycle: women lose confidence, so they stop sharing their ideas and are unable to overcome self doubt.

To become more confident, women need to start taking action.

Our LifeWorking™ framework helps women define their own success path, create positive habits and put plans into action, one small step at a time

We create a safe environment where exploration can happen, a story can be told and a way forward is identified. Through a proven method of learning, support and accountability we ensure participants start taking steps outside of their comfort zone to build confidence and self belief quickly.

“I was operating in a very male dominated environment of finance and learnt to “go it alone”, not thinking about needing a “tribe”. Joining DrivenWoman’s  LifeWorking™ program was an eye-opener for me. It gave me the confidence to find my own voice.”

Michelle Manuel, Portfolio Manager

“I had recently made it to the board level and felt the pressure of being one of the only women on the board. I was able to build a deeper awareness about my capabilities which lead to increased confidence. I moved from building my career reactively to taking a more deliberate approach. I am now leading a company wide program to change our leadership model more suited for a company with majority of women in management.

I could not have achieved this without DrivenWoman!”

Birgitte Woehlk, Group HR Director, UK

“I’ve found that by showing up every month I get things done because we write our short-term goals down as we work toward our big goals. I love the accountability. We are individuals and Driven Woman supports that.”

Karime Harris, London UK

“Having made great career progress so far, I was feeling comfortable in my job. I didn’t have any idea how to be ambitious. I then saw the goals and aspirations of other women in my Lifeworking group and started to actively look for opportunities rather than waiting for them to come my way.

I asked my boss for a chance to do public speaking and my schedule is now filled with opportunities, including speaking to a global audience of 160.

It’s totally out of my comfort zone but I feel so excited to be pushing myself forward!”

Nella Koponen, Senior Marketing Manager

“Before joining DrivenWoman’s program I would shy away from saying what I truly thought. Now I’m not afraid to look someone straight in the eye and tell them what’s really in my mind. I admit that it scares me every time but the liberating feeling I feel after is worth it.”

Sharon Chan, London, UK


DrivenWoman’s LifeWorking™ framework is based on research that shows writing down your goals regularly, sharing them with others and becoming accountable to them significantly increases your ability to achieve them.

Our proven LifeWorking™ tools are simple and effective and help women become responsible for their own growth and ambition. The work is done in small groups led by DrivenWoman Group Leaders who are certified coaches. This creates support, accountability and a safe space for opening up.

LifeWorking™ results are backed by research*

LifeWorking™ participants reported significant personal change and growth. Mechanisms responsible for this change include: 

        • The influence of goal-focused activity
        • Mastery in emotional agility 
        • The sense of trust and psychological safety
        • Sharing of stories and experience leading to development of identify and social cohesion

*Source: Alison Birch, research undertaken for a dissertation for MSc Applied Positive Psychology at Bucks New University, UK.

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of participants in the LifeWorking™ programme at  PA Consulting Group would recommend it to their friends and colleagues.

A participant in the corporate LifeWorking™ program at PA Consulting Group said: “Yes! Fantastic support and guidance has helped my colleagues and I achieve our goals.

“The Driven Woman programme is a fantastic way of supporting a large group of women at PA – helping them clarify and achieve their personal and professional ambitions. The programme is simultaneously nurturing and supportive, and challenging and invigorating – just like working at PA.” 

Alex Wright, PA Consulting Group

Are you ready to invest in your employees?

LifeWorking™ can support large groups of women at work, and shows them that you care.

To learn more about LifeWorking™ for ambitious women.


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Wellbeing and performance 

When women build confidence their overall happiness and wellbeing improves. Study shows that happy employees are more productive.


Projecting confidence 

Competence alone is not enough – women need to project confidence and research shows that taking action and accepting imperfection is a recipe for success.


Overcoming overwhelm 

Women are overwhelmed and overworked as aresult of heavy expectations both in and outside of the workplace. The pandemic has made the situation worse for women.  LifeWorking™ helps women take control of their lives.


Discovering hidden talents

According to research, when women have been in a role for more than two years their confidence plummets by almost 50%.  LifeWorking™ helps uncover women’s lesser known talents.


Retaining senior female talent

Many women struggle to combine a family and a career, and their employer’s willingness to help is crucial.  75% of women lack the confidence to put themselves forward for senior positions. LifeWorking™ helps to retain female talent and reduce recruitment costs.


Holistic success

Women are more likely to experience work related stress than men. LifeWorking™ supports women holistically and helps them manage their lives and workload. 

To learn more about LifeWorking™ for ambitious women.


To learn more about LifeWorking™ for ambitious women.